How to speed up Firefox with a new cache

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Firefox is not one of the lightest or fastest browsers. Its benefits lie on other levels. But it is possible to speed up Firefox.

One way to speed up the display of web pages under Firefox is to activate a new generation cache in firefox's advanced settings.

This V2 cache separates the data stored for each site visited, instead of having a cache that aggregates everything.

This cache activation only saves you a few milliseconds. So this trick alone won't make your browser super-fast.

But if you combine this method – another set of tricks, it gives you a few milliseconds – a few milliseconds – a few seconds, etc. Little by little, mine of nothing, it makes Firefox as fast as other browsers!

How to activate optimized cache

In Firefox's address bar, type about:config and press your Entry button.

about config firefox

To the message Act with caution, click Accept risk and continue

act with precaution firefox

In the new search bar, type browser.cache.use_new_backend

browser cache use new backend

You can choose between Boolean, Number or Chain. In this case, leave in Boolean and click on the .

By clicking the most, you will have the line that will get bold and you will have the true value that will appear.

browser cache use new backend true

This means that it is activated. you have nothing else to do except close the tab about: config. The new cache is already on.

Note: This optimized cache is by default not activated because in some cases it can cause a tab crash. It depends on the configurations and is random. If this happens, you just need to redo the procedure and disable this cache.

For my part, no worries for several months.

To disable the cache

Follow the same procedure as when you activate, but at the last step, you have 2 possibilities.

  • Either you click on the double arrow, which will change the value from true to false.
  • Either you click on the trash, which will give the default for that line.

Other ways to speed up Firefox

As I wrote earlier, there are other methods and tricks to speed up Firefox. Here's a part of it:

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