Apple apps

In the vast world of Apple applications, it is sometimes difficult to decide.

This article is designed to help you locate the necessary and give you clues to have games (or other) free or at lower prices. However, the list is far from being exhaustive (who can boast of having tested all applications? :))

I start with the unavoidable to have on each Apple machines:

  • iBooks: indispensable application for all those wishing to be able to read books but it also offers the possibility to read PDFs.
  • allows to listen to all Belgian radio (requires internet access) there is the same for the french Store but under the name of LiveRadio
  • Photosynth: allows you to take panoramic pictures with your device in the simplest way. Once well control, it offers beautiful images
  • Battery free HD: lets you know the autonomy of your device depending on usage! It also displays the necessary recharge time.
  • Sounhound: are you tired to hear a music radio without knowing its title? With SoundHound you'll have no problem, it recognizes the music in just a few seconds. (requires internet access, if not it will register the sample that you saved for later identification)
  • Locate: head in the clouds or afraid to steal your precious gear, once activated and connected to your iTunes account, locate allows you to see where your machine and lock it at distance.
  • Scan: with it you can finally know what is hidden behind the new bar code.
  • Littré: which is against a dictionary? It will be always useful
  • Bump: allows you to directly download an another Idevice by simple shock applications.
  • Remote: with it your Idevice can control the Itunes library on your PC remotely.
  • Fing: lets you of even everything that is connected to your Wi – Fi network (handy if you suspect a neighbor to pump on your networks)

Different applications allowing you to get free applications or lower cost:

      • AppGratuites
      • Applicatioin less expensive (AMC)
      • Gratis Apps
      • ActuIpadd: also offers the latest news on the Ipad, or even the big news from Apple
      • AppsFire deals: application very well offering a wide range of applications in promo. It is also possible to create a list of applications that you would like to be kept informed if the price drops ;)

A small range of game:

  • PapaSangre: here the only way you aim will be to reach the ear. Unique in its kind.
  • TinyWings: one of the most addictive games of the Appstore
  • ZombieGunship: will put you in command of an Ac-130 to hunt zombies. Pastime guaranteed!
  • World Of Goo: a puzzle game that will appeal to lovers of construction
  • Sentinel 3: a defence of the most beautiful tower graphically.
  • Army Of Darkness: strategy game where you play a Knight who must defend a book (the scenario is not its strong point :)) there remains, however, very addictive
  • The Impossible Game: you play as a cube that should jump over obstacles. Very paced game that will give you always want to go further
  • Smoody: you must cut different things so to protect your move
  • SpyMouse: steal cheese without making you see such is your mission.
  • Flight Control: want to play to the air traffic controller? The perfect game!
  • Jetpack JoyRide: an another addictive game where you need to collect coins while avoiding lasers
  • Boost2: use the accelerometer of your machine for you navigate to any speed
  • Nyan Space: a simple but addictive game
  • Phoenix HD: a shoot'em up with an impeccable atmosphere
  • Beat Hazard: an other shoot'em up but which is based on the music of your library.
  • The series of Angry Birds is no longer present



Here is this quick round of applications coming to an end (if I come across another beads I éditerai the message)

PS: I blotted to choose every time applications that was free or which did not exceed € 0.79, nevertheless it may that some of the applications has increased since the day where I acquired them.

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