How to get a premium Depositfiles account free

DepositFiles is MegaUpload, Rapidshare or Hotfile, a host of files of title… And like almost all hosts files for direct download, if you haven't paid, you are clamped on the side of the speed and the number of possible downloads at the same time (parallel)!

This trick will allow you to have a Premium account (also called Gold account) on Depositfiles for free for a period of 24 hours or a week! (You have 50% chance of being one or the other.)

This Premium account will allow you to have TGV (high speed downloads) on the files hosted on Depositfiles and download several at the same time! And so no need to use premium link generators, and all this without paying a penny!

This trick requires Firefox.

Steps to follow:

  1. Add this plugin to your Firefox and restart it in order to apply the changes.
  2. Create a free account on Depositfiles (I greatly advise you to use Yopmail address mail, for the sake of anonymity.)
  3. Once registered, go to this page: Section Gold of Depositfiles, you will see that you have a Free account, which is normal. Keep this tab for the next step.
  4. In this tab, change the address in the address bar,


    JavaScript:var i = 0; var url = new "" "" "," spoof://;ref to :// "," "," "," spoof://;ref to :// "," "," "," spoof://;ref: / / "," "," "," spoof://;ref to :// "," spoof://;ref to :// "," spoof://;ref: / / "," spoof://;ref to :/ / ba – " , "spoof://;ref: / /","spoof://;ref to ://","spoof://;ref to ://","spoof://;ref to ://","spoof://;ref://");var to h = new Date () .getUTCHours (); if (url! = "") {location = url;} " else {for (i = 0; url == ""; i ++) var geloes[h]chtesElement = url[h].shift (); url.p[h]ush (geloeschtesElement);} If (i > 0) {var min = 60 – new Date () .getUTCMinutes (); alert (i – 1 + ":" + min + "m" + "before next gold luck");}

  5. Do ENTER, and there, by magic, you'll be Premium either for a day or for a week!

Note: once you are back to free Member, you can directly proceed to step 4 without creating new accounts.

Note 2: This trick works that at certain hours, if you have not had the chance to be Gold, it tells you the time you need to wait before trying again, but you can only try once per day per IP address, you will need to change your IP address.

Enjoy! ;-)

Thanks to enerdude of HDmania for his script!

Edit: The trick is no longer valid, it was valid until 31/12/2010

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