How to find the "http://" out in Firefox

Mozilla-FirefoxIf your Firefox is updated, you will have surely noticed that in the Firefox address bar, the "the http://" has disappeared since a few versions already, I don't know is what version (surely the 6 or 7) saw that now the updates occur regularly and version numbers are connected galore…

In short, 2 ways to locate when you copy the web addresses:

  • the individually (visible when you copy / paste your link)
  • the permanently (always visible)


1. individually:

It is very simple actually, well on the "the http://" has not disappeared, it is simply hidden by the icon of the site.

To make it reappear in your links, you just just do:

  • a simple click in the address bar to select the link to the full
  • you do a right click on the link, then copy and paste to that location
  • and you have your link to the full with the's http://!


2. permanently:

  • Type about: config in the Firefox address bar
  • In the warning message, click on "I'll be careful, promised!"
  • In the filter box, update: browser.urlbar.trimURLs
  • In the result area, double-click the line, it will pass the 4th column (value) from true to false
  • Close the window and it's done!

If ever you want to go back, just just to redo exactly the same handling! (Double click will be change the value from false to true)


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