How to download Flash games and play offline

Flash player

You play no doubt small free Flash games when you have 5 minutes to lose on the job or at home…

And if you could download these small Flash games, so that you can play whenever you want, even when you have no internet connection?


Here is the procedure:

  1. Go first to the web page of the Flash game you want to play. Copy the address of the page.
  2. Then go to is a site for extracting all files attached to a web page. For a Flash game, it comes to format files. SWF.

Once on the page in question, paste the web address of the game into the URL field and check the Objects. Then click Get Files to see the list of SWF files.

3. Right click on the file and choose Save link target as… to download it.

4. Now that the file is on your PC, it is necessary to make it "playable".

Download and install the free utility FlashOffliner.

Once program launched, right-click on its placed icon near the clock, then, from the menu, choose Create new FlashOffliner package.


5. Then enter the name of the game, select your SWF file via the "Select Game File" button, and then click Start Packing. FlashOffliner transformed the SWF in a package format that he knows. FOP, and places it in the output folder you have previously chosen.

6. To finally start playing, go back to the menu and choose Install flash Offliner Package. Select your. FOP and then click "Open".

7. Your Flash game is available! Right-click on the icon of FlashOffliner and you see it appear. There's more than to click on it to start playing.

Good fun!

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