How to create disposable email with Hotmail addresses

Recently, the messaging service from Microsoft, Hotmail, allows you to create disposable email address. In the same way as Yopmail, these email addresses will protect you against junk mail (spam).

With a hotmail address, you can create up to 5 email addresses disposable to choose from, also known as alias.

To create a choice disposable email address:

  1. Log in to your Hotmail account (not via MSN, sign in to your Inbox)
  2. On the left, put your mouse pointer on Inbox, a wheel with 8 peaks will appear, click on it alias-hotmail
  3. Click create an alias Hotmail
  4. Choose a name and a domain name, and then click Create an alias
  5. To manage address + sound / its aliases, I advise you to choose to create a new folder



All emails sent to your alias will appear in the folder by the name of the alias. And you'll get an email from Microsoft on your primary address telling you that your alias is ready for use. Keep this email, it contains a link allowing you to delete the alias when you would like to remove it.

If you lose this link, you can always delete the alias via Options => other Options => Details of the account => your e-mail addresses.

Note: You won't be able to connect to Hotmail with your alias, you must use your primary address.

And this trick unlike Yopmail also allows you to send emails from your alias! To do this, just do as usual to create a new mail, unless you simply choose your alias as sender address!

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