How to clean old extensions Firefox!

Firefox cleaning

Firefox is a great Web browser from my point view and which is well known!

I am often talking about Firefox because is my prefered web browser, but it has both strengths than weaknesses:

  • Weaknesses: the memory consumption and its slowness.
  • Strengths: the frequent updates and extensions.

Extensions allow you to fully customize your Firefox and it add features that you will find that lacks it.

But… Well Yes, there is always a "but," nothing is perfect and everyone always has a different view: lots of up-to-day? Some people think that there is too much!

Extensions? It's good, but… they increase Firefox which partly explains its slowness, but they leave traces even after uninstalling, which slows down your Firefox!

I had explained to you how to optimize and speed up your firefox, this time, I speak again to optimize and speed up your Firefox but to another level!

This level is the cleaning of the old data left by extensions that you have uninstalled your Firefox!

CCleaner is a very well known cleaning tool, but it is not everything! And what I know, the other the same kind that CCleaner cleaning tools are not more advanced!

To clean your old extensions Firefox, need you: Firefox (logic) and install a… extension… Well yeah!

  • Install eCleaner
  • Restart Firefox to complete the installation of eCleaner
  • Click on the button orange Firefox-> Add-ons
  • Click on the Options of the plugin link


  • At the window that appears, select the plugins you are that they are no longer present


  • Click Clear selected


And voila, the cleaning is done!

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