How to have more fans Facebook page


When you start a Facebook page, unless you are already known previously, it is quite difficult at the beginning to get Facebook fans!

But be aware that more you have, faster the number of fans will still increase, it is the effect snowball!


Here are therefore some tips to increase your number of fans-I like-likes on your Facebook page:

  • Once you have 50 fans, create a username: in the account of your Facebook page, go to manage, General information, username, you click and you create a user name. Once done, the address of your Facebook page will be shortened to your user name.

For example, the Facebook page of this blog:

  • Front: in
  • After: in

So much nicer!


  • Then go to register on the site LikeUb, exchange of Facebook fans site: you like 15 pages Facebook, in return, you have 15 fans! It's free but it is limited to 15 I like per day. If you calculate well, 15 * 31 = 465 fans in one month! And in addition, if you have 2 Facebook pages, your limit passes to 20 fans per day! What makes us 620 fans per month!

Edict of 27/12/2012: LikeUb was closed by Facebook which threatened him with prosecution…


  • And finally, go register on Youlikehits! Same principle as LikeUb, but in English and more extensive since it also allows you to get Twitter, Digg, Google + fans, etc…! And as a gift, he gives you 100 points every day! And no daily limit! The more you points, more you fans! Only constraint, you need to have an address shortened your Facebook page.

Edict of 23/12/2012: Now, it's only 10 points per day…


In short, with all these tricks, you know how to win fans on your Facebook page quickly! And again, they are not robots, these are real people who like your page!

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