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Turbobit.NET is a site hosting file like any other, which already existed when Megaupload was on the rise.

He managed to stay alive despite the crisis that occurred with the death of Megaupload, but alas, as all other hosters public file, it is highly limited!

Personally, I find it much too limited, we are left to download files very slowly as if we were still in low flow, the 56 k! Which is unfortunately the case of many of our days download sites…

There or with Megaupload put a few minutes to download a free débrideur film, we must today several hours for the same type of file! And there, I even talking about movies, even simple documents, takes some time… not to mention the 10-minute wait for the real download link!

Short, download free débrideur nowadays, it is not at all the top! Premium link generators somewhat improve our lives, but since 2 crises are passed by there (death from Megaupload and the financial crisis), they are often saturated, lower quality and out of service…!

Luckily for us, it happens that people find tricks to bypass the system!


Here is a trick to be premium for free on Turbobit without buying premium which, normally, is paying account!

To do this, need you:

  • Firefox
  • the Greasemonkey plugin, you will find there: Greasemonkey
  • Restart Firefox for Greasemonkey is active
  • and the Turbobit Helper script, which is available here: Turbobit Helper, to install by clicking on the top Install button to the right.


And thats it, not even need to restart your Firefox after installing the script!

Download will be still limited on Turbobit, but this time at 500 KB/s, which is much better but not perfect!

And of course, upload multiple files at the same time is possible! ;-)


For other hosting sites of file or streaming such as Uptobox, Purevid, etc… use our free premium link generators list which is often updated!

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