How to download directly without waiting on MegaUpload


This trick will allow you to download from MegaUpload without putting the 4 numbers and letters (a captcha that verifies that you are not a robot) and without waiting the 45secondes before you can download!

Necessary material:

  • Firefox
  • the Noscript plugin
  • the plugin SkipScreen

Some info about plugins:

Noscript plugin is a plugin for security, it inter alia allows you to block scripts which allows you to have better security as well known and not-yet-discovered threats. But alas, the scripts are not used in a malicious way! Virtually all sites use scripts on their site! (For example, it uses a script for scrolling of images on the home page) What makes that the user should check for each site if it may or may not accept these scripts, and it is so painful and even puzzle for those who don't know. Some advise for all, me personally, I would recommend to people who are knowledgeable, otherwise there a more useless!

The plugin Skipscreen was created to put captchas on platforms of downloads (like MegaUpload), expect your place x seconds necessary before seeing the button download, and click in your place the button your download!

The trick is simple: with Noscript, disallow the MegaUpload website, and in the options of Skipscreen, authorize MegaUpload if it is not. The combination of the 2 plugins is that you will have to insert CAPTCHA, nor to wait before you can recover the file, you'll get it direct!

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