Tip: Your pc slow / freeze / is strongly slowed down? Here is the solution (maybe)!

screenshot_30-500x309 Tip: Your pc slow / freeze / is strongly slowed down? Here is the solution (maybe)!

I think virtually anyone using a computer constantly has experienced it at one time or another: the computer which is very leeeent (more commonly called in the jargon rowing or freezer), so much so that sometimes it is simply impossible to do anything else but to force the turning off the computer and restart hoping that the problem no longer appears!

Why your computer is so slow / oar / freeze?

There are several reasons for this:

  • computer not powerful enough for the requested task
  • poorly designed program with a bug and swallows all resources
  • Virus / malware / to
  • Etc…


But whatever the reason, in all cases, this translates into a 100% CPU! The CPU is the processor and is basically the central unit or are performed all calculations, however if the CPU is at its maximum capacity of calculation, it can perform new calculations for the new task that you ask, hence that your pc is so slow, it slow because he cannot perform new calculations. It must first complete the first calculations in order to make a little room and resume of the hair of the beast… unless a program requests continually new resources! And that's what happens when your computer infections: a first malware has infected your computer and they download and activate other malware which show you such as the windows of pubs, you fly your bank details or other personal information!


How to address the concerns of the CPU at 100%?

There is no miracle solution, it must determine the exact reason of the problem leading to the fact that your computer is 100% of its capacity.

But the big worry in the short term, is that your computer is very slow, and therefore the diagnosis of the problem is very tedious!

Imagine that you suspect that your computer is infected: If you are infected, it is likely that your antivirus is not efficient enough (or not updated, or not set). So in this case, no choice, download a new! Except that it takes resources to open your browser, which may take some time depending on the State of your pc! Take a lot of time also for the display of the web site. Download it should not take longer, however the installation… It is a different story! The installation of a program takes a lot of resources! But even if you get there so far here in less than an hour, you can even rejoice, because it wasn't that fun until there! The hard part is to do: perform anti-virus analysis of all files on the computer, and it, it is consumer of a lot of resources! On a pc healthy and recent, an antiviral analysis takes easily 95-99% of the resources normally and generally this for hours! So I don't tell you on a pc that already has its CPU at 100%… It moves quickly to several days of analysis, or even weeks!


So how do? Balance CPU!

Download and install CPU Balance!

When your computer starts, you still have a few minutes before your computer does really train in principle, therefore during this short period of time that must be used.

This mini program is intended to balance the use of resources by your programs by automatically managing their priority (done manually but tedious because requires to make them all one by one in the Task Manager), and so if a program consumes far too many resources, he's going to put a lower priority, and as a result, you get a bit of resources and responsiveness on your computer which will allow you to make the diagnosis of your computer!


It should be noted that…

  1. If your pc freeze or train because of a video game, you won't do anything, this program won't help you, it is simply that your pc is not powerful enough and that the games has absolutely need a certain power and if it is not, there is no miracle!
  2. It is not necessary to make it work at all times, especially if you have no problem of CPU to 100%, because you may slow down some programs for nothing and that would not have been him normally.

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