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GameCopyWorld is a site (filled with pub but nickel with the hosts file: see my article on how to speed up its browsing/login part 1) allowing you to download your patches, cracks, ect for your video games on PC… Big database, so far, I always managed to find my games in it! ^^ The site allows you to download official updates and patches, guides (in English) of the game, but above all… No-CD/no-DVD patches and trainers (to cheater, cheat)!!! ;-)  

  • No-CD/no-DVD patch… What is it?

A no-CD/no-DVD patch allows you to play without a CD/DVD to a game that you normally always need to insert the CD/DVD to play while it is installed on your computer! This is more commonly called "cracks"!  

  • to drag… What is it?

I can completely deceive myself, I've used only one until now, but it's a program that allows you to cheat at a game. You must first launch the program, then from the program, start the game… so that the game is launched from another environment and it allows you to cheat in a game that normally you did not know!   To visit the site, it's happening here;-)   NB: the site is in English, therefore, the names of the games are in English (for example: the Lord of the rings becomes Lord of the ring, short, LOTR) the search function on their homepage does not work at home, if this is also the case with you , use their indexes by not forgetting that the names are in English! ;) Do not worry if your game is in French, the 3/4 of the time, the patches do not care about the language of your game and therefore it has no impact. To download the patches, cracks and other interesting files, you will need to click on the blue floppy disks on the site. (Blue floppy that look really like coffee cups… lol) good fun! ;-)

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