How to optimize Firefox, Thunderbird, Chrome and Skype with a single software


Firefox, Thunderbird, Chrome and Skype… What do have in common the 4?

Apart that they are all very well known and free 4, Firefox and Thunderbird are Mozilla and Firefox is a competitor to Chrome, there is nothing in common between them!

OK ok, I confess, it is already not wrong to link between them! ^ ^

But the common point they have, is that they have a SQLite database. This database contains a lot of things that are used and modified permanently! By dint use it, the file grows and fragmented, making slow down your program! We see very quickly that the software is slow, but we rarely think to do the cleaning!


Speedyfox is a small free laptop program (and therefore requires no installation) that allows you to optimize Firefox, Thunderbird, Chrome and Skype and so make them faster, smoother and lighter!

At launch, it automatically detects the profiles of these different programs and optimizes these software SQLite databases!

On the other hand, to use it, you need to close affected before optimization software. Otherwise, it is safe, and use them frequently without worries (needless anyway to do it every day!). Besides, CCleaner also includes an option that optimizes the database of Firefox!

If you have never done so, you will feel the change!

Affected OS: Windows and Mac

Software link: Speedyfox

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