How to unlock Megavideo


All users of Megavideo know: after 72 minutes of watching, it is impossible to continue, such is the operating limit. You need to wait more than 45 minutes (I don't remember the exact time ^^) to be able to watch the video again!

How do? They limit just watching 72 minutes per IP address!

Knowing this, it becomes easy to know parades!

Currently, I know 3manieres to exceed this limit ds 72 min:

  1. Deco/reco for IP dynaminque
  2. Premium link generators
  3. Proxies

1. Deco/reco:

First of all, you need to know if you have a dynamic IP address:

There are not a lot of sites allowing you to know your IP address, here is an example:

Go on and you will see your IP appear in the form XX. XX. XX. XX

(the number of X depends on the country)

Remember the last 3 digits, it will be enough. Turn off your modem/router. Turn it back on after 5-10 sec. Once connected again, reload / refresh the page giving you your IP address. Check if it is the same as before disconnecting.

If it is the same, you have a fixed IP address, so you can not take advantage of this tip, but other Yes! :-)

For others, you have a dynamic IP address => once you have reached the limit of the 72 min, just turn off your modem/router and turn it back on, refresh the page or was the video, the start (you leave zero) and voila you gone for 72 min!

2. Premium link generators

To do this, go right on my article to my list of unrestrained often updated. Everything is explained already. ^^

3. Proxies

I know not if I speak very little efficiency… A proxy is a relay server, passing by them, so you change your IP address. But what you need to know, is that navigate with a proxy, it is generally worse than to navigate in 56 k, so really not at all ideal for videos, and Moreover, it is not at all secure: you know not to which belongs the proxy, if it saves or not all data that can spend it! (imagine if you go to your bank's website and it saves all your data…!)

And then, once you've reached the 72 min with a proxy, you must change the proxy to benefit again from 72 min!

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