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Edit of 03/05/2011:

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Some will have surely noticed it, a new video player replaces more Megavideo, this is called: Videobb

EH Yes, for some time, Megavideo removes massively videos protected by copyright (therefore illegally reproduced and posted)… They did since the beginning, but recently, it has become a true thorough cleaning!

Why have they decided all of a sudden this?

Because although all these videos are profitable, this is illegal, but it is not the illegality that scare them, but rather because they decided to open Megamovie (and that if Megavideo catalogue remains filled with pirated movies, Megavideo would become a competitor and just pummel their own society, which would be con share!:-D):)

Megamovie arrives in 2011. It is our market for movies and television series of the highest quality at the lowest price. Megamovie will be available for all creators and licensees, Hollywood studios to independent filmmakers, passing by the TV producers. A cost minimal (much less), they can upload their content and sell it to the public. Megamovie will be an independent content market so that our users can enjoy the best of content, quality and price, internationally.

Results: the uploadeurs (those who send videos on downloads/streaming platforms) turn to others, as for example: Videobb!

Why the heck videobb then that they limit even more than Megavideo?

  1. MegaVideo lets you view a video for 72 minutes, and you have to wait 54 min (the limit is passed to 30 min)…
  2. Videobb lets you view for 70 minutes, and you have to wait 3 hours!

But Megavideo limit less than Videobb (eh Yes, movies you watched on Megavideo renumerent posters of videos, for those who did not), and more they suppress the majority of illegal videos, however it takes time to send all this, and it is well known, time is money! So it's only a matter of earnings for uploaders!

Turn to the unlock, it is simple and I had already spoken of this site in the list of premium link generators:

Fedbac Tools: Débrideur

    1. Get the link to the video: click on Links (1)


    1. Either you click on Copy Video URL (2); either you select the right-click and copy link (3)


  1. Insert the link to the video in the débrideur
  2. Press Unlock video.

And voila! It's as simple as that!

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