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There are quite some site that allow you to listen to music online, but rare are those who are of quality and free! Apart perhaps radios, but there it is not you who choose your songs!

Grooveshark is currently one of the best site to listen online (if not the best), it is in french, free, it has a huge selection of music to explore and discover (and not that old classic stuff), requires no registration to an account and the pubs are bloquables by Adblock Plus!

In addition, 24 stations are available (classical, Rock, Jazz, Rap, R & B, Pop, electronic, Trance, ect… ) and you also get access to the list of the most popular songs from Grooveshark!

And the grip of the audio player is fast, it is fairly intuitive and simple to use!

In short, a site to discover without delay if you do not know yet!

Only flaw: no download possible… but this failure disappears with the tip (see the:-D) Bonus that I give you below!

N.B.: If you use like me a blocker Flash (such as Flashblock in Firefox), you must update the site whitelisted so you can listen to the songs.

I let you discover this excellent site: Grooveshark



  • To download music in mp3 on the site of Grooveshark:

Just install the Firefox addon: Groove Shredder

When you are on the website Grooveshark and you start a song, a button "Download song" appears above the thumbnails, click on just it!


  • To download all the music files of Grooveshark:

Read the article by Shadownono at Passion Net of @

  • Another bonus: A nice little list other sites to listen to music streaming for free and without registration:


-Jiwa (restricted in some countries)

Soundzit (listening after researching the title or the artist)

Onmusic (in English, listening after search title or artist)

Justhearit (in English, listening after search title or artist)

Azmp3s (in English, listen after research + possible download)

Technology (in English, radio based on your mood)

-Musicovery (in English, radio according to your color)

-Goom (radio)

Filtermusic (radio)

Jamendo (royalty-free music)

 If you know other sites, please feel free to share them via the comments! ;-)

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