My list of WordPress plugins


Here's my own list of WordPress plugins that I think are almost all essential! In any case, I believe that they are to know, if they are not already! ^^

  • Akismet: indispensable against unwanted comments (spam)!
  • All in One SEO Pack: indispensable to know his site on the search engines!
  • Autocompleter: allows to autocompleter words during the research, in the same way as Google!
  • cforms: allows to easily create a contact form!
  • Do Follow: lets put your Do follow comments, which means that they will be indexed by the search engines! (normally, they are not indexed by search engines)
  • FD Feedburner Plugin: allows to automatically redirect your RSS feed to Feedburner!
  • Fixed Social buttons: pretty button so that your visitors draws share your site on social networks.
  • Global Translator: allows you to translate your site!
  • Google Analyticator: Insert automatiqueemnt the Google analytics code, if you change the theme, it automatically arrange to transfer, and also allows you to see your stats in your Admin Panel (but doesnt with me! ^^)
  • Google XML Sitemaps: automatically create your sitemaps and sends them to Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask!
  • Highlight Author Comments: lets make a difference graphically between the comments of the authors of the other commentators!
  • KeywordLuv: allows to optimize the links of the commentators!
  • Maintenance Mode: allows you to easily update your site in maintenance (a page is automatically generated)!
  • Paginator: allows your visitors to browse your pages easily. Many advise Wp-pagenavi that same function, but on a much more ugly and less practical! If you want to reach the 50 to 100, you must click I don't know how many times to do so, in contrast to Paginator that him, will be done in a single step! (A simple left supported on the line and movement to the right and it's good!)
  • PHP Speedy WP see my article on how to optimize its website
  • PollDaddy Polls: allows you to create polls and note on articles
  • Random Redirect: lets out a random page if someone click on http://votresite/?random
  • Search Tags: helps ensure that your search form also seeks in the tags.
  • Secure WordPress: secure WordPress
  • StatPress Reloaded: The site Stats
  • Theme My Login: allows to customize the connection to your site!
  • WordPress Database Backup: backup database.
  • WordPress Related Posts: lets out a list of articles related to an article.
  • WP-Optimize: to optimize your database + remove your revisions of articles.
  • WP Greet Box: to generate a message for people coming from search engine.
  • WP Security Scan: allows to detect faults
  • WP Super Cache: see my article on how to optimize its website

For other WordPress plugins, I recommend the excellent site of Valentin:
It tests for you full of WordPress plugins that are interesting to discover!

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