Result of competition #9: A Magic Mushroom to win

And voila, the competition with the help of our partner Vmart is now complete!



A key, so there was a beautiful Magic Mushroom to win at home!



Reminder, Magic Mushroom is a speaker a little mushroom which has the peculiarity of being wireless, possess a sucker and be waterproof, therefore allowing it to be used in almost all circumstances and everywhere!

Miss blonde winner contest


And so after removing all invalid entries (i.e. those who do not know read and who do not have left a comment to at least 3 words), the draw has designated as a winner… Valentin melissa!

My congratulations! Magic Mushroom will be with you as soon as you have answered my mail!

And for all other participants or person who wanted to participate, do not worry, other competitions will arrive soon! ;-)



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