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I will here present you some addons/plugins, which for me are the best, for the Internet browser Mozilla Firefox, because it is not always easy to end up with the descriptions in English and the multitude of addons!

I give you the top of my list of addons that I use in addition to their functions and usefulness:


Capture. JPG Very famous addon indispensable to block pubs… Why use it while pubs are already blocked with the hosts file (see here)? Because the hosts file can not block all the pubs, and Adblock Plus neither! They are complementary to each other, although the hosts will already block the 9/10th of the pubs… During the installation, you will be asked to choose a subscription list, take the list "list FR (France) + easy list", this will allow you not to see the pubs on the French and English sites. If you visit other sites, you can always adapt the addon to other lists available here. Be careful not to subscribe to several lists with the same zones, it will generate conflicts!

  • Adblock Plus: element hiding helper

Add-in to Adblock Plus, it allows you to hide some items on a Web page, for example an image that appears all the time (not required a pub). To access it after installing it, click on the small arrow next to the Adblock Plus logo (ABP) and click on "select an item to hide", after choosing the element to hide, I advise you to tick the checkbox "Preview" to be sure it does not block than what you have chosen!

  • Better privacy

Better privacy improves your privacy by removing rather unfamiliar but well-known cookies and storing your data when you use a Flash application. You should know that these cookies, called LSOS, are never deleted, neither by your browser like other cookies, nor by CCleaner! Better privacy remediates to this.

Capturer_66. JPG ColorFulTabs is used to automatically generate a color for each open tab. Very pratiquet and pretty beautiful when you have several tabs open under Firefox.

  • Cooliris

1229074254. PNG Cooliris allows you to change the way you browse images, it shows you the images on a 3D wall in Firefox! Pretty handsome! But beware, still requires a good computer… (double hearts and a good graphics card preferably!) Under my computer (Ixtrem 9040), I happen to be freezed with Cooliris.

  • CustomizeGoogle (currently not compatible with Firefox 3.6)

No description until it is updated for Firefox 3.6.

  • Google optimize

optimize Google allows to improve the search engine through several functions comm add links to Yahoo or others, removes ads from Google, allows to anonymize searches in order to preserve its privacy and many other functions!

2t_video_dlhelper_thumb2. jpg For people who watch videos on the net, this small addon allows you to download them on your computer, when a link is not given! Many sites are supported! Very useful in my case ^ ^

Capturer_69. JPG Addon that allows to know where is located the server of the site you visit by putting a flag near the site address, accessory by curiosity… Can give the server geolocation and its WHOIS (who is: who is it?).

  • Flashblock

Allows you to block Flash objects (Flash objects are often used for animations) as well as Silverlight objects.  So allows both to speed up browsing by not loading Flash objects that usually are quite heavy and not to be bored with unwanted animations (videos and sounds)! To activate the Flash or Silverlight object, nothing is easier, you just have to click on it!

  • IE tab (currently not compatible with Firefox 3.6)

No description for the same reason as for CustomizeGoogle

  • The tab plus

IE tab plus allows you to view Web pages under Firefox but with the engine of Internet Explorer! Very useful when the page is not compatible with Firefox! In the options, you can even use the IE engine with the Adblock Plus plugins if this one is installed!

  • MultirowBookmarksToolbar

Allows you to have multiple lines to your personal bar and choose how many lines you want. For example, I use my personal bar for RSS feeds.MultiRow-Firefox. PNG The image is not from my Firefox, mine is much more beautiful:-p but this picture showed 4lines while I use "that" 2 ^^

Security addon, it took me some time to understand it and use it well… This addon blocks all the scripts of all websites (domains and subdomains), you have to know that there are good scripts and bad! And that practically all sites use scripts! But it is hard to know if the script is good or bad if you do not know it, I use it in the following way: I completely authorize the sites that I know and not at all even temporarily those I do not know, this is not a good way to use it r because even a good site very famous can be infected by a malicious script, but in this way (trusting the good sites), I limit the damage in case of malicious scripts during my SURFs.

Allows to rescan a dead page by retrieving the page in the cache of Google, Yahoo or other. Useful in cases where the site has just fallen (unable to access it) and you want to search for information on the site in question.

  • Skip Screen

For users of MegaUpload, Rapidshare, ect… It allows you to wait for your place that the countdown will be done and download the file you want.

Security addon. Lets you know the reputation of the site visited. The reputation is made by WOT users (those who put notes like me). It shows you 4reputation categories: credibility, commercial reliability, privacy and security of minors. Very useful during your search and surfing, in 1 glance, allows you to see if the site is good or bad. 1218474941. PNG

  • Green: good
  • Orange: medium
  • Red: very bad.

If the site is bad reputation, you will have a screen as1239092219. PNG well: but the site is not blocked, it's just a warning! Here, if other addons will accompany me in the future, I'll share;-)

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