Test / review: accessory flash portable led Loooqs for smartphone / Tablet

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 We are slowly, but surely, getting of best pictures on our smartphones, with auto focus, sensors etc.. To improve our pictures taken with a smartphone, there are different ways:

  • photo taking app + addition of filter by top to erase imperfections, colors, etc…
  • using different lenses / zoom
  • use of a polarizing filter

  Here, you can add a new accessory: the led flash lamp!   Yes, Yes, I see you come up with what you're saying to you: "uh… it's use, all smartphones have built-in flash!" Indeed! That is quite right! But make a photo with the built-in flash and a flash outside, better thought, that doesn't give the same result! For more, in the case of selfie, no flash!   There is possibility to add a flash to its smartphone like this portable flash at Loooqs. lamp-led


  • 4 LEDS incorporated for guaranteed bright pictures
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Connects to the 3.5 mm of your device port
  • Continuous light
  • Load via USB cable


The test

With a dimension of 2.6 x 3.2 cm (not including jack port), this little box includes 4 leds, a mini non-removable battery, a port jack, a usb port and a very tiny switch on / off.   Led lamps are pretty powerful, too besides to use of selfies! Because, well Yes, unfortunately, the intensity is not adjustable. Just like life. In fact, nothing is adjustable, it's all or nothing… The jack port serves only support flash, no adjustment is possible via the jack port. Besides, you can very well use it without plug it into a jack port. The USB port serves to recharge the internal battery.   The LED lamp, made his work, that is, turn on the LEDs to illuminate a scene… except that there is a small catch: there are bright artifacts!   It is most telling in pictures:  

With the flash built-in the Samsung Note 4


With the flash built into the Note 4 + lamp Loooqs

with double flash We begin to see some yellow area, which is due to the Loooqs lamp and the limit of illumination of the LEDs at the bottom.  

Only the lamp Loooqs

only-with-flash-loooqs Here, we see clearly the demarcation of the LEDs, and to their device, their light turns yellow!  

Are the light artifacts binding?

Yes and no, depends on the photos that you want to do. Fortunately for us, artifacts are just on the edge of the light field, and do not form 4 round areas (for the 4 LEDs)! For distant shots, this should not pose any problems. For pictures close with importance of the photographed area, Yes, that problem.   Despite the artifacts do not forget something, is that the LED light can turn on yourself at 360 ° on its port jack! In addition, we can also hold (or have an extension jack) for even more possibilities, although this is becoming less practical.  


It's a good little lamp Loooqs laptop doing his job is just to illuminate a scene. Compatible with all devices (and even without). Built-in battery. On the other hand, 2 defects: no possibility of personalization (choose what led, intensity, duration, etc.) and the bright artifact on the outskirts.   Link: http://www.mobilefun.fr/59215-lumiere-flash-led-loooqs-universelle-pour-smartphones.htm test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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