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test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 Smartphones are a part more and more of the mobile phone market. They are small and very powerful, and we find at any price. I believe they have two weak points, the battery and fragility. Particularly because on their screen that covers the phone. We know all someone in our surroundings with a broken screen. The minor fall can be fatal, a crack in the screen and that's the end, either a very diminished comfort if we do nothing. We're far from robust cat or the old Nokia phones. There are several types of protections, the hulls, covers and cases. For my new phone, the Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 I decided to try a case official at Samsung, Flip Wallet Cover Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 color Sapphire. 57313

The test

The case is probably the most elaborate protection. The first advantage of this Samsung Flip Wallet Cover is perhaps obvious to most, but it is specially designed for this model of phone. Custom and very well suited for handling. It is very pleasant to the touch, it is made of synthetic leather that looks to be of good quality with a strong structure. Yet, despite its solid appearance, it is very thin and very light. The case in him even increases the thickness of the phone about 2 mm, 1 mm of each side. With the A3 making 7.3 mm thick, the phone + case does not exceed 10 mm thick. On the sides there are reinforcements in plastic to keep the phone in place firmly. They are plastic hard and prepared so that if the phone fall onto a flat surface, the edges of the phone are not in direct contact with the ground. But on a surface not flat as rocks for example a little more can damage the phone on its side right. However the fact that the side either free, we have access to the button to turn on the phone and the compartment of the nano SIM card and microSD card. Down, the plastic does not interfere nor access to the various connectors of the phone. On the side left the phone is completely closed. On the case, there are the symbols + and – at the level of the buttons for the sound setting. We can therefore easily used his buttons through the Holster that is flexible enough. (b) The front flap is completely opaque, he does not see the screen, however it contains a compartment for credit card or other card of similar size. There is room for one or two cards without embarrassment. Convenient for a credit card or a card of transit, for example. The Wallet Cover of Samsung Flip allows you to use the sleep/wake the phone function. When you open the screen turns on and when we close the screen turns off automatically. c


The case Flip Wallet Cover of Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 is a very good case. Both sober and elegant, providing good protection for the phone. It perfectly conforms to the phone and is convenient with its card compartment and sleep/wake function. I recommend it for everyone with a Samsung Galaxy A3 2016.   Link: http://www.mobilefun.fr/45554/samsung/galaxy-a3/housses.htm test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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