Test / Review: Lightning & USB microphone with indicator LED – Deff Cable

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1   Cables to recharge or synchronize phones, what a pain when left trainer. They often end up tangling. In addition, in dark condition, it is often more difficult to connect to the load (e.g. the night beside his bed). To respond to these various issues, I tested a cable telling tangle-free. At the beginning I was rather septic, but why not try. 52198


It is a 1 m cable 50. It allows a load with a power of 2.1 A and synchronizing with the computer. It is compatible with Android, Apple and Windows phone. It has a white LED for illuminating what you are plugging in. It is, unlike most of the cable, not flat but round.  

The test

After several days of use by voluntarily leaving trolling with other cables. I have to say that its "function" tangle-free works not bad. Indeed it is stiffer than a cable basic loading, a little wider, but dish. This peculiarity of the form makes more difficult a ride on him even just asking. So it is not impossible to make a node with it on, and the cable if it mistreats may end up tangling. But with normal use, it is more difficult to get tangled it with a classic cable. In this part the "tangle-free", this is not entirely accurate, but it is true that it allows to limit significantly the nodes. g It allows to charge a phone or a Tablet via a micro port USB quickly with a charge of 2.1 power has. Its length of 1.5 m is sufficient for most situations. And it is also a sync cable compatible with the different Smartphone in the market, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. In difficult light conditions, you can press the top of the cable at the level of the micro-USB plug to light this that you made with a small white LED. Its does not illuminate a room and can not be used as a flashlight, but is sufficient for its function to find the Micro USB ports in the dark. Cable Lightningã  Cable Lightningc


This cable is good, he looks strong and of good quality. Its function "without entanglement" market rather well. The LED is handy in the evening or even in the dark. It allows both a quick reload of your device with its power of 2.1 A and transfer of Data with your computer for example.   Product link: http://www.mobilefun.fr/52198-cable-lightning-usb-micro-avec-voyant-led-deff.htm test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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