Test / review: Oh WH1409 wireless graphics tablet

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 With our computer, for most uses, just us a mouse or a trackpad, however in some cases, the mouse shows itself to be inconvenient to use. For example to draw on a drawing software such as Photoshop or Gimp, or for processing photos in Lightroom or DxO. In these cases, if we want to do advanced, use the mouse quickly becomes the factor limiting. In this case, the acquisition of a graphics tablet can be interesting. There are 3 types. The "classic" graphic tablets which are opaque with an active surface, tablets chart monitor that are Tablet screens and finally graphic tablets which have their own embedded OS and are therefore independent of any PC. In all cases, the Tablet is always used with a stylus, it's how to use a PC which approximates more than a pen and a sheet of paper. For my part, I mainly use a graphics tablet to draw in Photoshop or photo under DxO and Lightroom treatment for. Here, I tried a graphics tablet wireless classic large size, the Huion WH1409 of the Huion brand.  

Content of the box and technical characteristics

  • 1 x Tablet chart Oh Giano WH1409
  • 1 x receiver USB 8 GB (included with the drivers and manual)
  • 1 x Rechargeable pen P-80
  • 1 x USB Cable charging and connection of the Tablet
  • 1 x USB Cable for recharging of the pen
  • 1 x door pen (with 4 replacement to the stylus tips)
  • 1 x fabric dust free
  • 2 x manual of use (Mac and Windows in 12 languages)


  • Technology: Electromagnetic digitizer
  • Active area: 350 x 220 mm (13.8 x 8.6 ")
  • Total size 455 x 266 x 16 mm (18 x 10.5 x 0.6 ")
  • Weight: 1.1 Kg
  • Resolution: 5080 LPI (line per inch)
  • Report rate: 230 RPS
  • The stylus pressure: 2048 levels
  • Shortcut keys: 12 keys
  • Reading height: 0.6 "(1, 5cm)
  • Wireless connectivity: USB Wireless 2.4 GHz
  • Operating system: Windows 10 / 8 Windows / Windows 7 / XP / 2000, Mac OS X 10 8.0 and later
  • USB cable length: 1.5 m


The test

At the reception, the package is well protected. The packaging is clean and neat. 20160914_194606 The Tablet is nice aesthetically, it is composed of a mixture of black matte and shiny. It is plastic, the plastic looks solid and saw his weight 1, 1 Kg, it inspires confidence for strength. However, his weight is not a barrier to use, it remains pleasant even in the lap or lying in her sofa. 71e5za-nayl-_sl1500_ She's tall, 45 x 26, 6 cm, for a surface active 35 x 22 cm, which makes it pleasant to use to draw or any other task. The resolution and the fluidity of the movement are improved by size. With its resolution of 5080 lines per inch (or lines of 5µm) it allows to accurately draw the lines drawn by hand. Any small movement of the hand is taken into account. This level of accuracy on a large tablet makes a very good precision tool. In addition she has a report of 230 per second rate, which means that it transmits 230 positions the stylus a second. So the movements are fluid, the curves are not jerky. Even when we draw lines very quickly, the drawing software takes longer to process the information that sent Tablet (see video below). In the box there are 2 records of jobs, one for Windows and Mac, each translated into 12 languages. There is also a pen door that contains 4 spikes of spare parts for the stylus. Although we don't wear it like a pencil, the tip should be changed when it begins to show the signs of significant wear. 20160914_194825 The stylus is provided to him with 2048 levels of pressure. This allows to have full control over the thickness of the line, the level of transparency and color as brushes that are selected in the drawing software. This experience allows to have natural traits, because fine imitating features done physically to the brush or other conventional drawing tools. The pen also has a cap for the tip to protect the tip when we don't use it, if ever we fall etc… There is a charging the pen USB cable because it contains an internal battery to recharge from time to time. It can be used during the charging of the battery. The microfibre cloth included when helps him clean of any fingerprints on the shiny black parts of the Tablet for example. A second, USB – MicroUSB cable is for charging the tablet itself this time. Because this tablet contains a battery life of approximately 40 (2000mAh battery) to be able to use wireless up to a range of 12 meters. Although 12 meters is not a feasible distance to draw, being able to use it in wireless is an important asset. Without cable we're free to go on his couch, outdoors, use his TV as a screen for example and any other utility that you can find to the wireless. For my part, I really like this possibility. The Tablet wireless receiver is a USB to add to his PC, it's a wireless USB receiver that communicates in 2.4 GHz. There, original, top drivers for Windows and Mac as well as the user manual. When you plug in the USB, the drivers install alone under Windows (I have not tried for Mac but I think it's the same). The key is to 8 GB, which allows you to use it as a receiver to use as work area! As she stands under the shelf inside. You can place your work on the key, and on the go files, work on a different computer without problem, the key installs everything you need to connect the Tablet WH1409 and if your work files are on it, just to have a facility of your drawing software or other on the PC! This option can be very handy in some cases.       For the PC, once the driver configuration and folder installed via the USB, an icon appears in the system tray that allows access to the admin of the Tablet Control Panel. From here, you can set the function of the buttons that are on the stylus, the sensitivity of the stylus and the screen used to transcribe the active area. config_logiciel_02 One can also reach a pressure test window, which allows you to see how responding to a brush with the updated settings. config_logiciel_03 Advanced settings, on the other hand, make use of the 12 shortcuts buttons on the Tablet for repetitive actions depending on the software. config_logiciel_04 As for example, in Photoshop go gum brush, change the zoom, save etc… All shortcuts are feasible, up to 4 keys simultaneously! A good configuration of these keys allows a significant time savings by avoiding to use the stylus to click on buttons or the keyboard to keyboard shortcuts. The buttons are on the left of the Tablet, and for me being right-handed, when I draw the right hand, by clicking with the left hand on these keys, I gain in speed. The 12 keys are divided into 3 groups of 4 keys, so you can group them by type of feature, for example. The bulk of the work will be to memorize which setting you have registered what button, but because they are large, if you feel the need it is always possible to annotate them. Usage, the Tablet is very nice, once we got good grip and that we know the location of these shortcuts, it is a precise and effective tool! Active area has a texture and a sense of touch identical to Wacom tablets, the precision and the quality of the drawing has nothing to envy to the market leader and remember brand is a very good alternative for me with a very good value for money. After 15 minutes of inactivity the Tablet goes to sleep automatically to save the battery. Out of wants if just redo switch the button On / Off on Off then on we.


This graphic tablet WH1409 of the Huion brand is a nice surprise for me. I did not know the brand some months ago and I must say that I am not disappointed! The Tablet is very precise and responsive, giving brushes or brushes very fluid and natural movements in such drawing software what Photoshop. It is nice to use. It is large and has therefore a consequent drawing surface, it is usable through a USB that serves both wireless receiver 2, 4 GHz storage from our files and an installer for the driver of the Tablet, it's well thought! All is completed by 12 programmable buttons for quick shortcuts based on the software used. The sensation and the quality of drawing is similar to tablets leader on the market, except that here with a lower price, making it a tablet with a very good value for money.   Link: https://www.amazon.fr/gp/aag/main?ie=UTF8&asin=&isAmazonFulfilled=1&isCBA=&marketplaceID=A13V1IB3VIYZZH&orderID=&protocol=current&seller=A23HHFRIW02ZZW&sshmPath= test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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