Test / reviews: Smartband AT300 Prixton bracelet signed

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 Me being given to the sport lately, of course, I want to be able to follow my activities and my progress (ahem…), and I so need to trackers. I have a Garmin Vívofit, that does its job of tracking, but I don't like too much the app, and a Fitbit One but I don't like the fact that it is not a bracelet. So I got to test this one, smartband AT300 of Prixton, to see what can be "worth" a tracker of activity of a brand I didn't after testing the more well-known models. 14215770_10153891529306593_109216156_o Then out of the box, we have:

  • The bracelet (severable from the tracker)
  • the tracker (therefore remove the bracelet for loading)
  • the charger (I had never seen a magazine like that personally, a clip to clip on the tracker (see photo))
  • the operating instructions, fairly complete, in any case no info failed me to use it.

14284959_10153891529471593_1228887620_o First impression by wanting to start using my new tracker, loading a little special as I said above, but either way, once you understand how to put the clip and we quibble not while it is loading, it's still (relatively) well established, no worries. Loading is fast enough, I'd say 2 hours, then, we can start. 14247542_10153891528876593_558146976_o 14285507_10153894688341593_541553647_o Application intuitive to use and easy to find on the Store (Day Day Band). I find it personally more pleasant to use than the Garmin application… The Bluetooth connection is done in a normal manner, without any complications. You can see the steps taken on the day, the quality of sleep, week objectives, etc. 14273480_10153894651521593_1068317951_o     14215575_10153894651256593_1593580464_o   14215234_10153894651121593_270784190_o   What I particularly like are the possibilities of notifications of the strap through the smartphone/BluetoPS2oPSth connection! When you go in "further adding", we know to choose which apps to notifications, e.g. Messenger, and it works pretty well. Most of the time I received the notification, but it happened to me to see that I have a message and I felt nothing as vibration. However, this works well when a call is received.   So what's the app. For tracking functions, I was a bit disappointed: Yes, well it records everything, but I had a difference of 5,000 not between the Garmin and this one, all two doors on the same arm for a day… Garmin was about 12 000, while the Prixton to indicate 7000… Going to reduce my efforts Yes? xD (Note of Pandoon: Ben what?) It encourages you to do more sport, you wanted to go to the gym, what do you complain? ^^) When I wear the Fitbit and the Garmin at the same time, I have a difference of approximately 500 steps, so I would say that the Garmin is more reliable and that it is not too much for what is counting steps… Now, it's always nice to receive a notification when it is not moving enough… The tracking of sleep is against him by pretty well, and he sets off alone, I could see that I woke up a lot, it is indeed the case. The tracker screen is very bright and pleasant to the eyes with its clear on black background blue writing, autonomy on the other hand, is about 6/7 days, which is fine I think, for the little gadget is. One button to the tracker that is used in a lot of things (for example to trigger the camera of the smarphone). I almost forgot in functions that make me love this bracelet despite the lack of precision of the measurements, it is the ability to put alarms! Ultra practice to be able to be woken up by vibration when we did not want to wake his spouse alongside for example :)   On the other hand, the big point black here for me, the bracelet is comfortable to wear, but it does no good at all, it keeps falling, and to be honest, not only the bracelet falls off, but the tracker to tend to be "expelled" very often (or almost) from his box in the bracelet… Should be really a clip or something to put on it to secure the closure, or at least correct this defect, as it makes use difficult and much less pleasant so it :-/ My final opinion? The +:

  • notifications
  • the autonomy
  • nice display
  • the alarms!

The -:

  • counting steps (which is still bad for a tracker…)
  • almost impossible to keep the arm bracelet

  It is, unfortunately, a bracelet I would only buy for the vibrating alarms and notifications, and as watch, because for me it is impossible to follow a normal physical activity with this one without losing the bracelet or the tracker. If this is a defect that the manufacturer can correct, I would recommend it, otherwise, you're going to be disappointed just because of this I think…   Link: http://www.mobilefun.fr/33644/par-type/fitness.htm   test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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