The 3rd anniversary contest results!

And here is the results expected by many of you for the 3rd anniversary contest!

Given that all the 3rd anniversary contest are not yet finished, I éditerai this article as the Raffles. So, feel free to participate in the contest which you have forgotten to participate before their closing! ;-)

I will therefore go to the basics and give you directly the results for every competition!

Miss blonde winner contest



  • Competition number 1, in partnership with MobileFun:


The person who wins the docking station universal charger-memory card reader is… GusGTX!



  • Competition number 2, in partnership with Super unusual:


The person who wins the Star Wars revival to swing against a wall is… Andrade!



  • Competition number 3, in partnership with Mobile24:


The person who wins the double universal battery of 5200mAh is… Philippo!



  • Contest number 4, in partnership with MisterCoque:


The person who wins the voucher of € 30 is… pakie2!



  • Contest number 5, in partnership with GSM55:


The person who wins the design bluetooth speaker is… Julia33!



  • Contest number 6:


The person who wins the HD Lifecam webcam is… NarthanX!



  • Contest number 7, in partnership with Electronic Star:


The person who wins the Skullcandy headphones is… Thomas!


And here it is, congratulations to all!

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