The cave of Pandoon change of theme!

New theme and logo!

Well Yes, it's been more than 6 months that the site is online! On this occasion, I decided to change the dressing of the OpenBook Pixel site!

Pixel has an air of Windows Vista, but more the page grew, more background became black and more visibility decreased! In addition, I didn't have much scope of customization with the little I knew php and css! It was therefore necessary that I change the theme!

And here comes OpenBook! ^^ It no more was updated since 2008, but fortunately that JBJ had worked well as the theme to the WordPress 2.7 compatible base is currently compatible with WordPress 3.0.1! Although it had several bugs and its author has more air to the SAP (Service after sharing :-D), I managed to repair them so as to customize the theme with the knowledge I acquired these last 6 months by customizing Pixel! :-)


  • now, the cave of Pandoon has a new logo!
  • new search engine: it is now the custom search engine from Google for the site, for better efficiency!
  • slideshow of featured articles
  • the latest published articles are next to slide show
  • and in the body of the site, you have an overview of the latest articles for each category
  • When an error occurs when connecting to the database, you directly retrieve the info you were looking for via the Google cache to prevent you to reload the page!

And voila! :-) A big thanks to Gibonk and Pocoyo for their job and advice! ;-)

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