Tip: Megavideo/Megaupload and other

This trick is not to remove the limitation of 70 min MegaVideo, or download more or faster on Megaupload. To do this, visit premium link generators.

This little trick will just save you some gigas disk hard if you like to have your movies and series on your computer.

Simply you just download from streaming Megavideo, Wat, Rutube, Youtube, Dailymotion, etc., from hosting like MegaUpload platform.

This method has several advantages:

  1. You see the quality of what download you
  2. You save space on your hard disk
  3. You save bandwidth

It also has a disadvantage:

  1. Loss of quality videos

Why is there a big difference?

The reason is simple, simply to save the bandwidth of the streaming platforms!

The files that are uploaded (sent) has a download platform do not undergo any changes, unlike the streaming platform, where videos undergo a conversion and compression so that it can be read by their video player!

How much is the difference in size?

For example: A video of 450Mo uploaded to MegaUpload will remain a 450Mo file.

This same 450 MB uploaded to MegaVideo video will become a video of 120 MB downloaded on your computer, so the size is reduced almost by 4 times!

I'll let imagined when your series has several seasons… 6 seasons of 20 episodes of 450Mo each (= 54000 MB) 6 * 20 * 120 (= 14400 MB)! A gain of slightly less than 30gigas… (Nothing that much! To give you an order of magnitude, 30Gigas, is about 700 MB 43 movies…)

The compression ratio depends on the platform and streaming video, I took here Megavideo because this is the one I use the most, but be aware that Wat.tv has an a better compression ratio (unfortunately in the depends on the quality).

How to use this trick?

In fact, it is ultra simple! ^ ^

Will need you:

Go to your streaming platform, for example Megavideo, with Firefox, start the video you want to download. Once launched, you will see appear the initials of Downloadhelper in color and movementdownloadhelper2.PNG, click the small arrow to the right of the symbol, and click on the name in bold in your video and save it where you want!

Once download has been launched, you can close the tab or change the page, this is also recommended, otherwise this would download 2fois same (once on your computer) and once in streaming video, what would be wasteful of your bandwidth!

Remember the limitation of 70 min in Megavideo, even when downloading, it remains active! (The limit fails on account the download time, but the time of viewing! So if a video put more than 70 min to download but having a video time of less than 70 min, you will have it in full on your computer.)

And voila, thats it for this tip! ^^ enjoy! ;-)

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