VirusTotal: site of multiple antiviral analysis

VirusTotal scanner VirusTotal is a site that allows you to scan a file of up to 10Mb with more than 40 antivirus!!!

  Are you afraid that your antivirus installed on your computer does not detect a virus, or that it incorrectly detects a file? No need to install new antivirus to check whether your antivirus has good or not, moreover the installation of several antivirus on the same computer causes more problems due to the conflict between the different systems of analysis and protection! VirusTotal is here for that! You submit a file and it checks with the database of over 40 known antivirus in the Web! If some antivirus shows you that your file is positive, this does not necessarily mean that the file is infected! There are false positives, just like there are false negatives! For me, I consider that under 4 antivirus that tell you that your file is infected is that it is not, unless Kaspersky, AVG and/or AntiVir is part of those… Beyond 4 positives, there is a good chance that the file is really infected!   For the site, check here! Other article to read: antivirus

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