Windows 10: optimizing the SSD

optimize SSD Windows 10 Under older versions of Windows, one of the optimization of SSD with Windows was to check whether the TRIM function was enabled or not. For more info about TRIM: (it) basically, apparently, an SSD has a hard time detecting unused blocks of data, and in the long run it can tarnish its performance. So on Windows 7, it was enough to check that the TRIM function was activated, but there was no control over it. Since Windows 10, it is now possible to ask Windows to run the TRIM manually or even automatically.   To do this:

  • Go to Windows Explorer
  • Right click on your SSD
  • Properties
  • Tools tab
  • Optimize
  • And there, Windows automatically detects whether your SSD needs to be optimized or not.
  • Optimize if necessary

optimize SSD Windows 10 You can also schedule a regular optimization: every day, every week or every month. Every week seems to me a good compromise, this one is defined by default.   And here!

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