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WinPatrol is a program that allows you to monitor your computer against unwanted elements which are installed on your computer.

It notifies you whenever a new element is installed in your startup list, changes in applications for extensions, it can also detect changes in the hosts file (therefore, you warn when there is a redirection of domain names which is carried out without your knowledge), as well as changes in the registry database, ect…

Currently, with the version 18.1.2010, 14 tabs are available:

  • Startup (list you the programs that launch at startup)
  • Delayed launch (list the programs that launch at startup, but a little later)
  • IE BHO/toolbar (showing the toolbars in Internet Explorer)
  • Scheduled tasks
  • (Program) options
  • More (Section for members *)
  • Registry monitoring
  • ActiveX
  • Recent
  • Hidden files
  • Types of files
  • Cookies (to filter cookies in IE and Firefox)
  • Active tasks
  • Services

* The program is free and all functions mentioned above, but does not monitor in real time, but minimum after a minute… members more, so having paid, can have a real time monitoring. (This is the only difference)

The last French translation of the program available on the official site is the version 15.9.2008, however we are currently at version 18.1.2010, i.e., that the French translation date over 2 years!

I have therefore taken up the torch, I submitted it to the author of winpatrol, who accepted it, but not yet integrated it with winpatrol Installer, at the time, or I write.

That is why I you the available on here at this link: Winpatrol French translation file

After download the translation file, simply you just double-clique on it, you'll agree to a merge to the registry warning message. And when your next reboot, your winpatrol will be in french! (Ofcourse, need you before you install Winpatrol on your computer)

If you notice typos in the translation, let me know so I can correct them!

For those who want to download Winpatrol (in English) or french.

Update from 10/01/2010: No modification of the translation for version 19.0.2010 file

Update of 10/14/2010: The author of Winpatrol has incorporated my French translation in its programme :-)

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