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Above all else, it is that before be bloggers, we were users, readers! And we will stay! We reproduce ever on this site which we do not like as an Internet user! This site contains no pop-up ads (popup, etc…) or sell your details!  

  • What is "Pandoon cave"?

The cavern of Pandoon is 1 Pandoon Web site he created to share his passion and his computer knowledge, but at the same time to also make new discoveries by administering this site! In addition, everything is free! Both in the consultation of items in the solution itself: rare will be the tips offered on this blog that would require paid software!  

  • Who is the admin of this site? And the authors?

To find out who are the people who are behind this site (administrators, authors and editors, ect…), take a look at the team page!  

  • When was this site created?

The site was created on January 18, 2010 and the first article was published January 31, 2010. It was first hosted at 000webhost under the address Following the increase continues new visitors, the site changed servers to serve you better and therefore migrated at Westhost with a real domain name, which is so! The site is currently hosted on the servers of Infomaniak in order to reduce the loading time as Westhost servers were in the United States.  

  • Is it possible to propose articles, tips or topics?

Yes, no problem, you simply offer them to Pandoon via the contact page.  

  • Is it possible to become author of this site?

Yes, send your application to Pandoon via the contact page.  

  • Is it possible to make the partnerships?

Contact Pandoon via the contact page. You can also watch the partners page to see those who are already at the level of testing and product reviews.  

  • Why are there no Tweet button, I like + 1, ect…?

For various reasons:

  1. Pandoon is not a fan of virtual social networks
  2. Because if Pandoon starts to put these buttons, it will pollute the site because there is too much: Tweeter, Twitter's follow, I love / recommend, send Facebook, + 1 So.Cl of Microsoft, Google, Linkedin, Myspace, ect… (in short, too many buttons and too many social networks)
  3. The site already has its own Facebook page and her Twitter profile
  4. If you want to share items, simply put the link to the article on your favorite social network
  5. And because Pandoon think that their number will further increase in the future and that it will further pollute websites.


  • What happens to our data left on the site (IP addresses and email addresses)?

They are just used for statistical purposes, moderation and contact, for example in the case of a question and whose answer would require a contact email for your convenience or privacy. The data that you leave on the blog will be never sold, or disclosed to third parties of our own free will! If ever, you put in comment a mail address, a physical address or a phone number, whether by mistake or even on a voluntary basis, these data will be purely and simply deleted the comment as soon as they were noticed, and this without any collection! Exception: If you put your first and last name instead of a nickname, no change will be made for your first and last name. About the data collected during the competition, it remains the same, exception that only the coordinates of the winner of the contest will be, communicated to the partner so that it can of course send the gain if it is he who sends the batch! Where is the cave of Pandoon which sends the batch, participation data will not be shared. If you want your data to be deleted, just ask Pandoon.  

  • Too many ads?

Visit and read the blog and articles are free, its implementation is not! To ensure that the blog is online 24 hours a day and 7 on 7, as it is fast enough to load pages and he can carry the load of thousands of daily visitors, we pay servers that are quality! These servers are paid through the ads that appear on the blog, although we like it to the masses, these are necessary for the survival of the blog, but we do our best to reduce their number and that they are not harmful to the reading! In fact, we will never block reading our articles by ads or by a message telling you that you've blocked our ads! We offer ourselves with anti-advertisements in our articles! If you enjoy the site, please disable your anti-ad! ;-)  

  • Any other questions?

Do not hesitate to contact Pandoon.