Generally, we use Facebook on his Smartphone, but different situations can occur: Smartphone theft Using Facebook on another Smartphone Using Facebook on a computer etc… In short, for one reason or another, you may be getting one day to open a 2nd Facebook session on another device temporarily, but there, […]

How to close your Facebook session remotely

You want to have the maximum power that your PC can give you to play your favorite game, but you do not want (or are afraid or do not know) overclock your PC? No worries, it's possible thanks to a trick on Windows 10, and this, without risk!   How […]

Windows 10: How do I get the most performance?

That he who is fed up with cables all over his car raises his hand! * raises your hand * good OK, maybe not everyone has as many cables as me in his car, but between the iPhone charger, the cable for the Dashcam, the cable for my seat heating, […]

Test/review: Myjack 2, aux-in Bluetooth converter

Neglecting the protection of a Smartphone can expose it to real threats. In this context, more and more users are turning to preventive solutions like VPN for Android. What are the dangers that are frequently encountered? Here is an article summarizing all the risks incurred on a non-secure mobile device. […]

These threats you face when you're not protecting your Android ...

Choosing a VPN on Windows can quickly become a puzzle. Indeed, with an increasingly varied offer, many Internet users find it difficult to choose the VPN that fits their needs. What are the 7 features needed to be able to take full advantage of a virtual private network? This full […]

The 7 essential features of a Windows VPN

The webcam, integrated with virtually all laptops and smartphones, is also found in some tablets. This is a very useful accessory for filming and having for example video conversations with people from his family who are abroad. Because of their presence in many laptops and smartphones, it is a device […]

How to avoid hacking his webcam

A few years ago, I had tested the Mountie at Ten one Design which is a clip that allows you to attach to your screen a laptop or tablet, a smartphone or another tablet. At that time, I was moderately convinced, although effective, he quickly showed his limits. This time […]

Test/review: Screen-mounted Clip-smartphone/Mountie + tablet

Not liking the cables that hang around, especially when they are on headphones, it is very annoying when working for example. I already had wireless headphones, but the two headphones were still connected by a cable between them. Now I wanted to go further with real headphones without any thread. […]

Test/review: Blitzwolf wireless headphones BW-FYE1

Windows 10 is the 1st Windows to be frequently updated feature side free Unlike previous versions of Windows, such as Windows 7 or Windows 8. Previously for versions prior to Windows 10, there was what was called the "Services Pack", which gave for example Windows 7 SP1. But there were […]

How to check its version of Windows 10?

Cleaning the floor of your home without doing anything is quite possible with the self-contained vacuum robots. Many call these smart vacuum cleaners… Personally, I prefer to call them autonomous, because they are more autonomous (they can work alone), than intelligent (except in a few exceptions, the majority leaves dirty […]

Test/review: ILIFE V7s Plus standalone robot vacuum cleaner

On Windows (regardless of the version, whether it's W7, W8 or even W10), every time you connect a different device like USB sticks, Windows installs a new driver every time. So in some people, the number of pilots can be quite substantial. It is possible to erase these unused drivers […]

Windows: How to remove old drivers and devices