The Webmaster:


Born in 1988, I am the founder and administrator of the cave of Pandoon. I have practically all the caps that can have a guy who runs a website ^^ I have created this site in order to consolidate and to share my knowledge, tips and discoveries in computer science, which is one of my passions!

I also created it for fun, to dive into the world of Web developers that was fairly obscure to me during the creation of the site! (I've always preferred the hands-on experience to books, despite the fact that I love to read! ^^)

I first started the computer with Windows 95 adventure, I went later to Windows 98, Windows 98 SE (Second Edition), Windows XP family Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista and finally, currently under Windows 7 (Seven) in 64-bit.

I'm a time under Linux, under a virtual machine. Being accustomed to Windows, Linux is not very intuitive at the time, but slows down by the virtual machine under windows, I quickly abandoned Linux.

Today, I am somehow returned on Linux thanks to Android which is based on this one, but on smart phone. My smartphone, a HTC Evo 3D under Android Gingerbread (Version 3.5), after the master's degree, I quickly passed under Android Ice Cream Sandwich (Version 4.0). I have quickly thereafter unlocked (unlocked), roote (root), in S-Off (safety off) and finally, I went to Roma and customs (customized, unofficial) kernels. Moving later to a Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-international i9300) who is also spent on the operating table!

I am also a volunteer translator of some software from the English to the french. And I'm part of a team (the TAF: Team Animorphs France) who is responsible for transforming the series Animorphs novels in ebooks (electronic books) french.

Laboratory technologist.

Live in Belgium ^^

Want to spend some time with me on the net? Meet me in the game Guild Wars 2 (Guild Wars 2), on the "Sea of Jade [en]" Server!


Born in 1986, potential author (3 articles to my credit, others will follow if the inspiration is part of the) as well as Chief Adviser.

Student in the field of energy!

Love manga, TV series, sports and computers. Follower of lazy attitude!

Lives in Franche-Comté, France.

Born in 1990, I joined the Pandoon team in 2011 to help him. Just back from things, judging by what I learned about his cave, and also because it's always nice to help a friend.

My computer knowledge are not very extensive, but I spend a lot of time searching for information online to save time and solve my problems. And that's after searching for quite some time, that I put myself in the writing of an article. For writing an article, I keep my language to me and I avoid (where possible) to use words too, too technical in order to make the most understandable explanations at all.

I'm also part of the tests, trying to find gadgets that can facilitate (or LAD) daily of our smartphones and so its user. And while Pandoon shares his knowledge on the Android system, I'm personally on the iOS (Apple) part.

Like Pandoon, I am a student in medical biology.


Born in 1990 and currently studying bio-computing/structural biology in Strasbourg, I joined the team of Pandoon early 2013. Often being behind a screen and loving well discover new things around me, so when I was asked to write a few articles following my inspiration, I found the idea rather attractive, and so here I am! :-)

Curious by nature and a little touch to everything, I'm comfortable on the 3 major platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux), although using mainly Windows and Linux. I like everything that is digital creation, be it with Adobe software, or the software of 3D cinema, however side more programming, operation and architecture of computer systems fascinates me as well!


Hello, let's make it simple for presentations! I must say the words, it's not my thing… I like it when things are said simply and quickly, also I will try to apply this logic in my articles for your greatest happiness or unhappiness, we all a side SM, right? : Pei

Point of view IRL (In Real Life), I'm in clinical chemistry same training as Pandoon but different school.

I have lots of interests, but the most important thing at the moment is everything about e-sports in general.

As a Belgian, I like fries (not really a surprise ^^).

The list could be even longer, but if I wanted to knock you out, take a club, it would be faster… and less painful!

Born in 1987, I am laboratory technologist and colleague of Pandoon (and Belgium too, so).

I agree with just his team for a few tests of products, but if inspiration following, why not articles on Android and iOS (Hey yes I am one of those who love both clans and who do not want to choose:-D, I never leave my Galaxy Note 2 or my iPad 2).

Computer view, I never knew that Windows (* course hide *?) Ahem: $), currently under Windows 7 64-bit.

Passionate about the series, I participate when I have the time to subtitle some of them from the English to the french on