Daily Archives: 18 February 2010

VirusTotal is a site that allows you to scan a file with multiple antivirus for free! Are you afraid that your antivirus installed on your computer will not detect a virus, or that it will incorrectly detect a file? That's quite understandable! Each antiviral solution has its advantages and flaws. […]

Virustotal: scan a file with multiple antivirus

Giveaway of the Day is a site to have in its pages brands and visit every day! This site offers you every day a different software that normally is paid! Quote from the site: Welcome to project Giveaway of the day, a new initiative in the world of software distribution! […]

GoD: Giveaway of the Day, a free software every day!

Want free paid software? Don't want to pay for paid software that you don't even know if it's going to work? That’s the way it goes! Fortunately for us, there are several alternatives: If it exists, versions of the paid software in free demonstration. But generally they know that what […]

How to get free paid software