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After the list of sites of direct downloads (ddl) ten… After the list of boards warez…   And since I am in my period electronic books (ebooks), especially novels, place in… the list of sites to download free ebooks and in french!   I have already mentioned some of these […]

List of free ebooks sites is a site that allows to create the list of its series and manage. On the same principle that MyAnimeList, this site allows to make its list of series and episodes that you watched what is very convenient when you juggle on several series simultaneously. Once your series list […] or how to plan his TV series

This trick will allow you to create a secure (encrypted) maximum 2giga on your key USB, and despite the fact that it will be encrypted, you can access and edit all your data secured safely on any computer, even if you do not have administrator rights! Steps to follow: Download […]

How to protect its key USB

If happen you to your friends or colleagues complained to you concerning the sending of advertising mails (so-called spam) from your email address, but that you have not sent your voluntarily, then this trick will allow you to detect when spam are sent to all your contacts and react accordingly. […]

How do I know if their email address send spam

If you want to entertain your readers with the Google Pac – man game, know that you can insert it on a page or section of your blog under Wordpress! Download and install the plugin Activate it And the place you want the game to appear, insert just [pacman] The […]

WordPress: how to add the Google Pac – man game ...

On most sites, and blogs, when you leave a comment, you have an avatar which is randomly generated or is the same for everyone… except that some people have their own avatar!   How do? Registration?   Eh not! All are not registered on the site in question and all […]

How to have his avatar on almost all sites

After you have talked about how adjust the offset of the sound from the video, here's how repair videos broken / corrupted. When you download a movie, it happens that the download goes wrong for X reasons due to the vagaries of computer :-): Your movie has been downloaded 100%, […]

How to repair a divx movie broken or corrupted

AAH the years 1980-1990… the good old days… ^ ^ If like me, you happen to be nostalgic for the years 80-90 and you have want to revive memories of the good old days as for example to review toys which existed at the time, series and pubs all rotten […]

Back to the past

Recently, I told you how improve Ccleaner adding hundreds of programs to clean in a single click… Only flaw could have find him, it's that it was available only in English… A defect that will be soon resolved! A French translation of the software made by my care has been […]

CCleaner Enhancer in french

Recently, Google involves the speed of sites from searches of its search engine position. more your site is fast, better it is positioned in searches! Here are 7 sites allowing you to scan your site in order to measure its performance and so that you can speed it up: GTmetrix […]

7 sites to measure the performance of its site

It happens that when downloading a film of same beach vacation, we are left with the sound of the film offset from the video… This is usually due to compression on the film. To adjust this, you can either edit the video and adjust the speed of sound, or use […]

How to adjust the sound shift of the audio from ...

The webmasteurs all know, they have to test its web site with a maximum of web browsers so that it is visible by a maximum of people and that all Mariners gives the same display of the site! Here are therefore 2 sites that will allow you to test your […]

2 sites to test its web site in multiple browsers