Google Analytics: An error has been detected


An error has been detected. Please try again.

Thank you for your patience.

Here is one of the errors that you may encounter by logging into Google Analytics, and as soon as your registration. If you ever have this problem, my solution to this problem be found below.


Firstly, if you have installed your tracking code on your website, be aware that your data are still harvested, so have no fear on that, they will not disappear and will not be deleted thanks to my tip!

Secondly, you're for nothing, it is at the level of the Google servers that have a bug, but it isn't a widespread error. Apparently, this problem would affect accounts here and there randomly.

Thirdly, needless to seek a solution on the official forums from Google, because I believe that no employee of Google passes! The solution, in any case that I've discovered and worked with me, is described below.


I encountered this problem when I signed up for google analytics, I had directly this error in my registration page before even to obtain my Analytics tracking code! And whenever I am connected, hop, always the error page "an error was detected. Please try again. Thank you for your patience"which appeared during 1 month until I find a solution because I tired of waiting!

And ofcourse, the error is so explicit that cannot do anything, it is not known whether this is a temporary error, at what level it gets stuck, if it is we who have made a mistake, if this error is widespread, etc…!


The solution: create another account with another email address, but you registering with the same site! Log out of the account to which you just register and log in to the old account, and normally, the access is unlocked!

I know that it is designed as a solution, create another account to unlock the old, but it worked for me!

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