How to find a specific image on Google!


Everybody knows Google and its search engine, so you don't have to talk about.

Searching for images on Google can be done in 2 ways: directly in the general search engine or directly in Google images… you type a Word, and you usually have the image that corresponds to this word.

But there is one thing you certainly do not know, is that you can search sites or your image appears!


Basically, you have an image or picture on your computer and you want to know on which site it is present or on which site you took it to for example complete your bibliography? Search by images!

You do not know how?

Well I have the answer! And increasingly, it is simple!

  • Go to Google Images
  • Take the image or picture that is on your computer by clicking on it and moving it (so you must maintain clicked) to your Web browser where Google images was remained open
  • Let go of your images in Google Images Search bar


And miracle, Google will search all sites on the net where your image appears!

The image must format .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .tif, or .webp for this trick works.


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