Review / Test: cable flexible one coil FUSEChicken USB/microUSB


Recently, I have 2 of my USB/micro-USB charging cables which dropped me… Probably due to the great climate situations lately… Cold, hot and cold, it’s not great for the son!

Short! So therefore I had to replace my cables broken by others. What is not particularly easy, given the numerous brands and types of cables that exist! So I decided get a quite special cable and share my opinion and test about the flexible cable one spool of FUSE Chicken! (“Une bobine” est le nom dele de modèle et “FUSE Chicken” la marque))

Everyone surely has a USB/microUSB cable at home, so it has become common! Virtually all portable devices using one to recharge.


First of all, you have 2 major types of cables USB/microUSB:

  1. The load cables
  2. Sync cables


Charges, as you can imagine, this are only suitable for charging cables and cables recharge of electrical appliances. These vehicle that ‘pure’ electricity. They are generally delivered to devices not requiring to be recharged: mouse, headphones, laptop batteries, etc… So if you connect to a computer, it will not detect the connected units, it will send just the juice for recharging.

Sync cables, they are used by smartphones and mp3/mp4 player, etc… They can send data and at the same time, charge the appliance. In short, the 2 in 1! Of course, computers detect devices connected with this type of cable.


In addition to the 2 types of cables USB/microUSB, can find these in different variations:

  • Cable classic, simple format
  • Light cable
  • Retractable cable
  • Cable original, special,


Conventional cables, well… they are classic! It is simply the cheapest and most common. Of all sizes and qualities.

Light cables are cables that usually illuminate a blue light (LED) when they are connected and the light follows the direction of the current. They are most often found in cables for iPhone, in any case, so I discovered them the 1st time and it is there that I saw them more often. But they are also available in format USB/microUSB. It is beautiful, cool, fun, useless, but it’s geek-tech! Personally, I do me in not purchased for the good and simple reason that I often charging my devices during the night in my room. I have therefore, not too much envy that my sleep is disturbed by a cable light, as fun as! Because although it LED, so low electricity consumption, it consumes still… Now I have a laptop battery stops automatically when it detects that the other battery is recharged to block… But if I use a light cable, not on what it can make detecting properly…

Retractable cables are quite interesting since their length is adjustable, so space is lesser compared to a classic cable. I to have not yet tested for now, but it would be interesting to see in level solidity what it is, because (a) roll and unroll the cable…

The original, special cables… It is simply the cables coming out of the ordinary… In this category, I put all kinds of cables that are not parts of other categories and that I did not know, the flexible FUSE chicken part therefore. This accessory is compatible with the HTC One, the new smartphone from the Korean manufacturer. It is also compatible with many other smartphones.


The peculiarities of the flexible cable coil FUSE Chicken, this is:

  • 1 charging cable and synchronization
  • both flexible and rigid
  • Metal
  • Appearance shower hose
  • USB 2.0
  • 5 adapters rod ends


Nothing that by reading the features, there is not too much what cable has special, here is therefore an image that will show you what it can:


Promotional image of the capacity of the cable coil Fuse Chicken

You will understand, basically, it can keep the shape as it is. Unlike other cables that are soft and always remain on a horizontal plane, it is able to be in a vertical plane in height!

Not enough space on your desk, next to your computer to charge your smartphone? Not serious, put it in a vertical position!

Need office support? No need to buy a dock or a support specially for your smartphone or tablet, use your cable to one that is both design and useful!

I discovered later by doing this test, but a Fuse Chicken reel was a Kickstarter project:

For those that are interested, here is the video of the campaign of the concept:


My opinion on this accessory:


  • The cable itself

The first time you use it, you will see that it is rather rigid, but this rigidity will lower after having played a bit with. The cable diameter is approximately 0.5 cm and fully hard metal, a little like the hose shower, with a pair of scissors or a cutter, impossible to cut! To cut, really need to go there!

Make it metal, can attach magnets, according to the customs of the cable, this can be interesting, for example, hang memos, etc…


  • The flexibility

In the light of some promotional images, imagine that anything is possible with the cable and that the imagination is the limit… except that there is on Earth, and gravity is there!

I have no HTC One (143gr), but my smartphone which is a HTC Evo 3D, weighs 170 grams. It is one of the heaviest of is that it has 2 cameras at the rear to make 3D.  And with 170 gr, the cable is still capable of supporting this weight in height!
Okay, the height is not extremely high, big max 15 cm, should be noted, but still, it’s not bad!

There are 2 parameters to take into account, and is what will strongly limit your imagination, it is the weight of your appliance and balance! Depending on the form that you will give the cable, it may, or may not, bear your smartphone!

The cable is flexible enough, I managed to bend the cable to make circles about 5 cm in diameter, which is rather not bad for a rigid cable! FYI, normal cables are generally able to make circles about 3 cm in diameter.

Various photos that show you what you can do:


HTC Evo 3D height


HTC Evo 3D height, side view


HTC Evo 3D in landscape mode, side view


HTC Evo 3D plugged in portrait mode and height


HTC Evo connected mode 3D landscape

Another parameter that can influence the flexibility, it is that there are 2 model of this type of flexible cable: the 30 cm and 60 cm version. The test is 60 cm. 30 cm, given that its cable is shorter, surely has better stability and balance than that of 60. I think with the version of 30, one side you gain stability and so you can make more figure, but on the other, you lose in length and therefore also in figures. It is therefore my humble opinion, kif kif donkey!


  • Catches

Usually on simple USB cables, it doesn’t pay attention to it, they are all identical, it is USB, the microUSB, point-bar! But in this case, I’d say it’s the big flaw of this cable!

In a simple cable, heads, you can return them just as easily that you return a worksheet! But here it is different, due to the rigidity and the thickness of the cable, it’s a bit of gymnastics to turn! You have to bow to a place and to give a rotation so that he could change their position… which is not very practical!

Other worries, it is at the level of stability, side USB jack: when it is connected to the computer and you make a figure, a large part of the weight (pressure) occurs at this level there. If you plug it into a laptop pc that is one both self little raised, or a computer, either your cable turn off or it will break your USB port… I don’t know if it can really break the USB port, but in any case, this is the big fear I had when I saw the angle formed the USB with its port!

If you are with your laptop, you can still make the cable button your desktop to decrease pressure at the USB level, but on a fixed pc, it is harder, if not impossible!

Important detail: plastic that surrounds the USB is large enough, it can prevent the integration of a 2nd USB side!

Side taken micro-USB, it comes with 5 bits of “stabilizers” or “media”: 3 normal dishes, 1 end and 1 in L.

One l, I can understand:


The stabilizers in L is for smartphones with a USB micro-near side upper or lower. Normal dishes, for those having a port below.

But the question is: why identical 3? And also why an end? They are useless!

Here are the pictures so that you understand better:

without stabilizer

Without stabilizer

Fin stabilizer

Fin stabilizer

normal stabilizer

Normal stabilizer

This side-then I am disappointed! Especially as the only really useful, one l, is too small for my Evo 3D!


In conclusion:

This flexible cable allows good things! It is admittedly limited when it comes to smartphones, but can be almost unlimited when it comes to Lightweight devices such as mp3 players!

Synchronization and load works perfectly, and it may very well serve as support/dock design and original for your smartphone or other electronic device!

The only worries are at the level of the USB and microUSB Jacks: a system holding your computer to the USB port would have been welcome and other stabilizers, useful especially for making microUSB, would have made this impeccable cable!

Despite these flaws, I still give him the score of 18/20! 1 point less for each shot. I do not point to the fact that the cable is at the edge of supporting the weight of the HTC Evo 3D, because it is a flexible cable remove!

Frankly, for all those who wish a cable coming out of the ordinary and with whom you want to have fun with, I recommend it highly!

You can find it there, be it in 30 cm or 60 cm version:


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