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I don't like to stay in complete darkness to watch TV in bed or in the living room (living room that quickly ends up in bed during a movie xD), but I still have a dilemma: I also do not like to get up to go and turn off the […]

Test: AUKEY Aura LED LED bedside lamp in Ring

Laptops, by dint of being thinner and thinner, gradually lose different connectors like the VGA port or the Ethernet port. To compensate for the disappearance of some connectors, you need adapters or even a hub with the different connectors. In my case, it was the Ethernet port that was missing […]

Test: Aukey Hub Link PD Pro USB-C CB-C71

When you've used a gaming mouse, it's usually hard to leave this type of mouse for a desktop mouse. Gaming mice mainly have 4 advantages: ergonomics, The number of buttons that is increased, The ability to set up these buttons and other features and design. Of course, everyone is different: […]

Test: Aukey GM-F5 Gaming Mouse

A projector or a TV? My choice was a video projector, specifically, the EZCast Beam V3 currently. The EZCast Beam V3 is a classic LED projector, but can be transformed into a ceiling projector and portrait projector. Features Technology: LCD – 200 lumens Contrast: 1000:1 Definition: 1280-720 pixels Ratio: 1.5/1 […]

Test: EZCast Beam V3 Projector

Since hard drives have evolved into SSDs, Solid-State Drive has the wind in its sails. Especially external SSDs. The advantages of external SSDs are that they are faster, smaller, lighter and more reliable than external hard drives. More and more SSDs are being sold in M2 format, making them barely […]

Test: Blitwolf BW-PSSD4 portable external SSD disc

3D printing has become highly democratized since my FDM 3D printer test. Let's see what the Longer Orange 30 is worth. From a plastic printer where you had to mount all the parts one by one (DYI, Do it Yourself), we switched to aluminum printers to mount yourself and then […]

Test / Review: 3D Printer SLA Longer Orange 30

Whether in my job or in my personal life, I use a lot of copy and paste and therefore the clipboard. The problem with the default paperweight is that it can only memorize one copied item. If you copy something else, it has already forgotten the previous one. In this […]

How to improve the history of the Windows 10 clipboard

If we search after the Alfawise T9 on the net, for some unknown reason, we find 2 products with the same model name: an Android TV box and the connected fitness watch. Here, this will concern the test of the Alfawise T9 connected fitness bracelet. I don't know about you, […]

Test / Review: Alfawise T9 – Bluetooth connected fitness bracelet

A thermal imaging camera is quite expensive. This is practically the price of a mid-range smartphone, not far from even the high end! Whether it's Android, Apple or single thermal imaging cameras. We are talking here of a few hundred euros for the cheapest to several thousand euros for professional […]

Test / Reviews: Android thermal imaging camera HTI HT-102

We are in an era where, fortunately, more and more people are realizing that to create a sustainable way of life, it is necessary to stop being proud in our selfishness and instead think of others through collaboration and sharing. Unfortunately, the sustainability of our planet is not really the […]

VPNs, essential for downloading torrents

In my job, I use a lot of automatons and since there are many elements to remember, I use notepads to quickly write down the items to remember. But since I'm in a constantly changing environment, notepads pile up after a while because I don't like to throw them away, […]

Review/ Review: Rocketbook Everlast Mini – Digital Notepad