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Found more in addition to USB to plug into our computers gadget: mouse, keyboard, USB drive, external hard drive, fan, lamp, etc. But at some point, we find ourselves without USB port!
This is where our Smiling Man made his appearance with the help of our partner!

Smiling Man with 4 USB

Smiling Man with 4 USB

But add 4 new ports USB 2.0 to the computer, this has no influence on the speed of data transfer? It is a legitimate question to which I will respond.


The test:

First of all, it is to know that my PC has USB 3.0 port. So once the Man Smiling is connected, I lose the advantage. :( But Pandoon will make tests on a USB 2.0 port as soon as it will be the time and edit this article with its analysis.

When you plug in the HUB (device that connects to a USB port, which allows then to connect other parallel), it glows with a pretty blue light in its centre, proof that the connection is done well and is ready to receive 4 friends.

He directly consumes his energy on the computer, so no need for external power source. (Yeah, must feed it our little guy)
So I did the test by connecting:

  1. Samsung 2.5-inch HDD
  2. IPod Touch 4 G
  3. A wired Logitech mouse
  4. And the fan for my laptop, the N200 at Logitech


And here is the result:

  • My hard drive was sending files to an average speed of 38 MB/sec, which is an excellent speed of transfer to the USB 2.0 standard
  • iTunes recognizes the iPod, and the transfer of data is done at the same speed (add an album takes just a few seconds more than when it is connected directly to the PC)
  • Mouse has been reinstalled, for don't know what reason. However, its operation is always good. No worries of reactivity.
  • The fan is still running as if nothing had changed :)

(The 4 USB were connected simultaneously during the test.)

For the connection function, so it was a flawless!

Let's talk about clutter. Because if ever you always walk with a multitude of device to be connected, it is essential that our HUB is the most compact possible.

  • Its weight is ridiculous here, I barely feel it.
  • It is as tall as a usb port, or 1 cm for the thickness of the members. Therefore, it fits where you want.
  • Arms are flexible, given that the joint here is a thread ^ ^


In conclusion:

For those seeking to have more USB 2.0 port on their computer, Smiling Man will meet your desires. Especially for its price €7!

If I were to note the product, I will give 20/20 because everything is good (and the man's head make me laugh). Nevertheless, I'd even like to appear more USB 3.0, it is still too rare for my taste. So I will give a 18/20, just as it is not (yet) exist its big brother in 3.0.

Article link:


I thank our partner for its support.

Edit by Pandoon: tested on 1 USB 2.0 port USB Hub, and 4 units connected: 1 USB 2.0 16 Gigas, 1 HTC Evo 3D, 1 external battery and 1 self-powered external hard drive. Result: All receive the energy they need to run / reload without worries! And level transfer speed, it happens to reach the maximum transfer for the usb key and the external hard drive, 1 file sent to the 2 brackets at the same time while recharging the battery and the smartphone! (But he should know that according to the models and brands pc, usb keys and hard disks, the speed differs, each with its own speed. So it would take tests well further to see exactly this USB Hub transfer capabilities, but I can definitely say that it is an excellent USB Hub that happens to use 4 energy-consuming devices and transfer files at high speed! Only gripe I can do, it's the finish of plastic…)

Edit 2 by Pandoon: opinion mixed longer-term… The head is connected to the body by a thread of 0.5 cm long and 0.3 cm thick, gold body is 4 cm wide => more you will use the USB hub, for example moving, more you will fear to decapitate your snowman… Given the small size of the cable, it does nothing, they could have directly linked the head to the body by the plastic! This perhaps made a snowman without neck and slightly less pliable, but at least it wouldn't be afraid to decapitate it!
Another concern is the plastic… Plastic that surrounds the hands and feet USB are composed of 2 coupled parts together clip without welding! They are assembled as the ancient figurines to assemble that found in the Kinders Surprise! What makes that more you plug them and unplugged your keys, more the 2 parties are likely to disassemble himself… A simple weld would have been welcome, especially as it affects the hands and feet…


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