Tip: How to reduce the lag of an online game?

No-Lag If there's one thing particularly infuriating about online games, it's lags! What is a lag (or latency)? It's basically, the event that happens when you have a lag of several seconds in your game: for example, you launch an attack, but it does not leave, you can still move, but no attack is launched, and when the lag is gone, you you find yourself at your starting point, and you're dead because while you're languishing, for the server, it's like you haven't moved or launched an attack and therefore your enemy or your monster has killed you without any difficulty, which is of course a hell of a p robleème! You will most often find lags in multiplayer line games, such as mmorpg. The sources of the lags? There can be many of them, and that is why there has been, that there is and will be lag in online games. You have lag that may be due to:

  • your computer not powerful enough to process all the data
  • low speed of your connection
  • your cluttered ADSL line
  • a poorly managed or configured server


The 4 possibilities of lag

For the first case, there is no choice, or you optimize your computer thoroughly so that it gains a little power, or you buy a new computer more powerful. You notice that you are in this situation when you have lags from the beginning or that it always happens in the same place, same situation, … For the second case, you have to subscribe to a subscription with your ISP that offers you better speeds. At this level, you see it when you browse the internet or when you download. For the 3rd case, I will give you a tip that will allow you to weaken this clutter. For the 4th case, not your fault, there is nothing that can not be done except warn the developer team in case they would not know, or show your displeasure … You are in this case usually when there is a large number in the same place in the game or a big event, and in this case, it's everyone who plays who lays! More info about the lag? 'http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latence_%28informatique%29 fast-internet-connection

How to reduce the lag?

Using a software called Leatrix Latency Fix! Basically, from what I understood, it would change settings that by default are to send data packets from a certain sizes and wait 50 to 200 ms at reception between 2 data packets. Leatrix Latency Fix would therefore change these settings so that the computer does not wait to receive the 2nd data packet and send direct data – the clutter decreases because everything is processed faster – the lag decreases!  

Or download it?

At this address: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info13581-LeatrixLatencyFix.html . Click Download.  

How do I install it?

First, you need to decompress the file you have downloaded. Once done, you just need to double-click Leatrix-Latency-Fix-3.00.exe When the program starts, click the "Install" button. You will see the change in status from "not installed" to "Installed." Restart your computer for the changes to take effect. In short, it's ultra-sLeatrix latency fix 3imple! After Leatrix Latency Fix is installed, you can connect to your online games with reduced latency!  

How to uninstall Leatrix Latency Fix?

By double-clicking again on Leatrix-Latency-Fix-3.00.exe, and this time clicking on "Remove". Restart your computer, and it's good!  

What about its effectiveness on the lag?

Like any program that promises to be a mountain and wonder, one wonders what it really is! On the reputation side, there is no need to worry, Leatrix Latency Fix has been known for years by thousands of satisfied gamers. And on my side? The lags I have when I play GW2 (when they're not lag servers), they usually last a whole day here and there. So I tested it one day or it was leaving me. And in the short term, it's true that it made me disappear the lags I had! Just a coincidence? I still do not know, because not having 2 computers, nor 2 accounts of Guild Wars 2, it was impossible for me to test simultaneously if Leatrix really decreases the lag, only the long term can conclude, but from what I could decrypt in the files and in the functions that are modified there, everything makes sense that he knows how to bring down the latency and therefore the lag.  


The program is compatible with

  • Windows XP (SP3),
  • Vista (SP1 or higher)
  • Windows 7
  • And Windows 8

32-bit version like 64 bits. For Mac owners, read its english guide: http://www.leatrix.com/latencymacThis mini-program will make you reduce the lags in games such as World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, Star Wars, Rift, Aion, Warhammer , The Lord of the Rings Online, etc.   And finally, here is a short video that shows you what the lag would be… in real life! :-D

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