Daily Archives: 4 November 2015

Buy a new cable Lightning to replace the one that it has tweaked recently may seem very easy, just go to a store and take the cheapest. But yet it is filled with pitfalls you need to avoid if you want the best possible compatibility between the new cable and […]

Test/Review: cable Lightning SyncWire

Need to load its electronic devices, tablets, smartphones and others, has become something more than usual unfortunately. But one is always faced with the same problem, find a free car is not always urge to turn on his computer just for that. As it was found taking, has yet to […]

Test / Review: charger wall Syncwire 4 USB ports

SLR type cameras are more powerful and solicited for video. Some high-end models are even used for feature films. The quality of the image is indeed ideal for the video. However, a problem is recurring in many devices that allow filming: the sound quality! Indeed, with a hole in the […]

Test / Review: Microphone BOYA BY-SM80