Test/Review: cable Lightning SyncWire


Buy a new cable Lightning to replace the one that it has tweaked recently may seem very easy, just go to a store and take the cheapest. But yet it is filled with pitfalls you need to avoid if you want the best possible compatibility between the new cable and your Apple device! Because all cables lightning will not necessarily well work with your device, it may see a message saying that your cable is not recognized by the system! There is therefore no recharging your device and it will be impossible to sync it with iTunes. To avoid this, always check the following in the description of the cable, it should be mentioned that it is: “MFI Certified” or even “certified by Apple.  MFI is the abbreviation of “Made For Ipod/pad/phone“. Thanks to this, you are sure to be able to use your new cable. When you update your device by Apple, the cable should always remain compatible. If it does not bear the mention «MFI certified», it is likely to become incompatible with future updates. Second item to check before buying a cable, it is the material that consists. Take for example the original Apple cable, a simple sheath of white plastic that surrounds the wires inside. It can easily be tweaked, the ends become bare after a while and suddenly your cable becomes unusable. There are cables that are surrounded by a sheath of braided nylon, this prevents the cable to undergo a too much bend angle, which will therefore protect the wires in the sheath. For those who still carry a cable in their bag, it is preferred because it will be more resistant.  

The Lightning from SyncWire cable

Cable lightning syncwire

It is a cable with as outside color black/grey braided nylon sheath and it measures 1 m long. It has MFI certification, even if it only appears on the Amazon link, as well as on the official website of the brand. The reception desk, there is mention of this certification nowhere on the packaging. But the cable was directly recognized by the iPod and sync with iTunes did not present any problems. The product has a guarantee in life, for this need you to first register your product on the site, and then if a problem with the cable, you can return and receive another in Exchange. If you do not register your product, you get a return of 1 month in case of failure. Suffice to say that with all that, you’re sure to be covered. It is therefore a robust cable to charge and sync without problem of your Apple devices: iPad Air 2, iPad 2, 3 and 4, iPod Touch 5 and 6, iPod Nano 7 Mini and finally the iPhone 5 and 6.   Link: in http://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B00TH02TYY/ test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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