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We all have, more and more USB devices, whether it's external hard drives, the USB keys, the mouse/keyboard, webcam, see even to charge another device. On a fixed PC you have often not bad USB port but for a laptop it is a different story, in the best of cases […]

Test / Review: Super Speed Aluminium 10 ports USB 3.0 ...

Time-lapse is a video effect interesting to observe slow phenomena or not in an accelerated manner. Whether the blooming of a flower or the moving clouds in the sky. There is an effect of time compression. To do this simply a camera that has built-in Time Lapse or a camera […]

Test / Review: motorized panoramic head Sevenoak SK-EBH01

The notice of a layman I just try Movavi Screen capture and I was excited.   This is a screen capture software that really captures everything that happens on your screen. Including encrypted DVD, therefore the power of this software.   After an hour of getting started (I said I […]

Movavi Screen capture – notice of a profane

Wifi, that's fine, but unfortunately, like any wireless technology, is not as reliable as wired! You have among other things as a problem for wifi: Disturbances by other appliances (microwave, etc…) Disturbances on walls Decline because of the obstacles Decrease in flow but also, decrease the scope and flow according […]

Test / Review: Repeater Wifi dualband (2.4 and 5 GHz) ...

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone (some, several)… and look at your surroundings, there are likely to be all different… And if you ask them which is the best? In 50% of cases, one will answer hers, in the remaining 50%, it will advise another… Everyone has his opinion, and […]

How to compare different models of smartphones and tablets between ...

Whether for preventive purpose with the arrival of winter, or just for the sake be and relaxation, essential oils are more and more present. There are several ways to enjoy their benefits, or directly on a tissue to for example help falling asleep or on the skin under the nose […]

Test / Review: Aglaia essential oil diffuser

Unless you live in a cave, you probably didn't miss the next release of Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens! Only the Star Wars universe, these are movies… but also many other things. For almost 40 years now, derivatives, books, toys, video games, cartoons, collectibles and the variety of everyday […]

Test / Reviews: Star Wars Yoda USB Key – 8GB

Some time ago, I had the opportunity to test a voltmeter with USB amperemeter, the USB Detector KW203. This one had the advantage of integrating 2 USB ports, one for data and the other for refills. This has several diagnostic purposes: check the plug, check the external battery, check the […]

Test / Notice: Micro-USB voltage and intensity detector

Generally, the audio speakers are relatively simple: simple cubes or bars giving just the sounds. Sometimes, this dance to the sound of your song. Apart from these, there are much… except maybe one: Divoom Aurabox! His difference with others? It integrates a face filled with bright LEDs, allowing you to […]

Contest: Divoom Aurabox, pregnant customizable Bluetooth

With the democratization of the USB, we find ourselves quickly out of USB ports, whether on laptop or even on fixed pc, well that the effect is noticeable more strongly on laptops. According to the uses and preferences, we can easily count 1 to 2 USB ports busy for the […]

Test / Review: Aukey CB – H17, USB 3.0 Hub: ...

A little while ago, I had the opportunity to test an excellent product which allowed connect an external hard drive to this device, a data, and make accessible files over Wifi up to 5 different devices, but also to serve as a router. Only, it can only take the hard […]

Test / Review: Aukey casing for hard drive USB 3.0 ...

Passing on Windows 10, one of the PC of Elsalila had a problem: oddly, to enter the session password, type numbers with the keypad was not a problem. On the other hand, once the Windows desktop is here, bye bye figures! It was quite possible to type the numbers with […]

Windows 10: How to activate the numeric keypad?