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With Windows 10, several software are installed basic on Windows 10. Like Cortana or OneDrive, when you don't need it especially. So how do I uninstall OneDrive? OneDrive, for those who do not know, is similar to Dropbox. It's basically a cloud-based file host. So you send your files to […]

Windows 10: How to disable and uninstall OneDrive

The Sun is a source of energy and almost inexhaustible light, it is a shame not to take advantage. It is far to be able to tame the fury of the Sun, I must say it's far, and that closer, it becomes unbearable ^^ Nevertheless, we recover a small part […]

Test / reviews: Aukey PB – P4, solar 21 W, ...

Sports cameras are democratized, and now we can find at any price. Having a Go Pro, I wondered what that was worth a camera entry level less than 50 euros, at the time I write this test. So I decided to test a camera brand, an Eyes GO 1 LEGEND […]

Test / notice: Eyes GO 1 LEGEND sports Camera