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Netflix has to quickly make a breakthrough in VOD (video on demand) / legal streaming. Everyone (or almost) know Netflix: it's legal, not too expensive, even if there is not everything, there are still quite a headline in series: Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Orange Is the New Black, The Walking Dead, […]

Tip: How to download on Netflix, all for free

Here is the test of 2 lamps with Aukey. Although this is "simple" lights and that's not the kind of site in which one speaks of lamps, in view of their characteristics, they were interesting enough for my taste to talk about a minimum!   Aukey lamp model LT – […]

Test / reviews: 2 lamps intelligent and unusual home Aukey

I had already tested before an another ups, also of the brand Aukey, the PA – V25 that I invite you to read to compare. As you can imagine, the PA – v.41 car converter I tested this time around is a variant of the PA – V25.   Features […]

Test / notice: inverter 12-230V 150W Aukey PA – v.41

I already told you the benefits that having a camera in his car, here's another little dashcam of Aukey. Features   Compact design: length of 8, 5cm, width of 4.1 cm and height of 3.9 cm. Diameter of the lens is 2.1 cm, and the weight of the product is […]

Test / reviews: Aukey camera for car dashcam 1080 p ...

With Windows 10, several software are installed basic on Windows 10. Like Cortana or OneDrive, when you don't need it especially. So how do I uninstall OneDrive? OneDrive, for those who do not know, is similar to Dropbox. It's basically a cloud-based file host. So you send your files to […]

Windows 10: How to disable and uninstall OneDrive

The Sun is a source of energy and almost inexhaustible light, it is a shame not to take advantage. It is far to be able to tame the fury of the Sun, I must say it's far, and that closer, it becomes unbearable ^^ Nevertheless, we recover a small part […]

Test / reviews: Aukey PB – P4, solar 21 W, ...

Sports cameras are democratized, and now we can find at any price. Having a Go Pro, I wondered what that was worth a camera entry level less than 50 euros, at the time I write this test. So I decided to test a camera brand, an Eyes GO 1 LEGEND […]

Test / notice: Eyes GO 1 LEGEND sports Camera

We are slowly, but surely, starting to have better photo sensors on our smartphones, with auto focus, etc. To improve our photos taken with a smartphone, there are different ways: Photo-taking app – adding filter on top to erase imperfections, colors, etc. Use different lenses/zoom use of a polarizing filter […]

Test / review: accessory flash portable led Loooqs for smartphone ...

Given the number of USB devices that you can easily have a USB charger today is virtually indispensable, especially if one wants to be responsible as soon as possible! As our dear pc can't recharge at maximum capacity (a pc comes out about 0.5 A max, while a charger may […]

Test / reviews: charger 60 W of Aukey, PA – ...

We are slowly, but surely, getting of best pictures on our smartphones, with auto focus, sensors etc.. To improve our pictures taken with a Smartphone, there are different ways: photo taking app + addition of filter by top to erase imperfections, colors, etc… using different lenses / zoom use of […]

Test / review: accessory flash portable led Loooqs for smartphone ...

Never nice to have a car accident. Even less when one is not at fault, when the other party is in bad faith, no witness on hand, etc. In short, no proof, no witness, it risks falling on your face and you risk helmet ingening wallet level! Did you know […]

Test / Reviews: Dashcam Ge-Force 720p Car Camera

In photography or video, we often fail to light, but it can also happen that there is too much to have a certain effect research. For example, if you want long pause in middle of the day to have a nice water, photography will be burnt even with the closed […]

Test / review: 2-400 ZOMEI variable ND filter