Tip: How to download on Netflix, all for free

Netflix Netflix has to quickly make a breakthrough in VOD (video on demand) / legal streaming. Everyone (or almost) know Netflix: it's legal, not too expensive, even if there is not everything, there are still quite a headline in series: Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Orange Is the New Black, The Walking Dead, or even Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (etc etc), Ditto for movies, watchable on various devices, reduced loading time new exclusive series, new movies, choice of languages, etc… Everything is viewed online, so if you have a cut of internet or your line has a poor flow, you have it in the baba: no way to download… except recently!  

How to download on Netflix

You now have 2 ways to download your movies or series:

The legal method / official

  Following the numerous requests from subscribers, Netflix has made available the legal download of a (rather limited) part of their catalog via the Smartphone applications. When you get to a record of the film / series, you have a little button to download the video in question on your smartphone. netflix download apps The advantage of this solution, it is that it's from Netflix, so legal and risk-free! But the videos available are very limited and in my opinion, it will always be the case. We can well imagine the defects of the system…    

The illegal method / not official

  Illegal, of course, it depends on the point of view of the richest / strongest… If you watch something streaming, automatically, you download a part of the video and store it on your computer, or otherwise, you don't know nothing! If you don't have internet, you won't watch streaming! If you don't have a hard drive or ram, you will not know to watch streaming! Streaming, it's just that you do not keep the viewed portion, she disappears after a while or is replaced by something else. In short… The method not recognized by Netflix is to use a downloadable program named Free Netflix Downloader, here. free netflix downloader The advantage of Free Netflix Downloader, is that it allows to download videos from Netflix, without exception, and this, for free! In addition to this, it is easy to use: connect you to Netflix and you copy and then paste the link of the film or of the episode you want to download in the program, and hop, click on download and go! Also being able to download everything and anything, plus an easy to use interface, you can also download several videos at the same time! But also in different languages (if available)! Blackheads: not official so Netflix can block access to the program at any time, and the videos uploaded are all in normal quality for now. (The HD are planned, but should that Netflix does not block them!)   Take advantage now! ;-)

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