Top – – an all your series favorite for download


Want to review certain series?

Want to have episodes of your series favorite on your computer?


Then the site that I am presenting today is for you: here is Top-series!

Top – in is a website enabling you to download more than 700 series, anime and manga in French version (VF), original version (VO) or still in original version under standard french (subtitled)!

While direct link, it means that they are available on hosts like MegaUpload, Free, Fileserve, ect… And of course, everything is free! ;-)

Among the series, you can find old (about 100) dating from before 1990: Agency risk, Macgyver, Star Trek, Mission: Impossible, Magnum, ect…!

There is little of anime and manga compared to the series, but there are still a few, as well as a few shows!

In addition, all episodes are good qualities! And the site is set to update every day!


In short, you'll, no doubt, find your happiness! ;-)

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