How to create a keyboard shortcut to open a program

You think not often and even some ignore it, but did you know you can create a keyboard shortcut to open a program instead of the usual double click?

In addition the method is easy to do (besides allow you to save time)!

    1. Go into your menu start (or on your desktop)
    2. Right click on the name of your program (or its shortcut)
    3. Click on properties
    4. Click next to shortcut key, there where it is normally marked none

keyboard shortcut

  1. Make your key keyboard combination (you see appear)
  2. Click OK and it's good!
  3. To cancel a combination, simply click next to shortcut key and tap on your key Backspace (deletes, which is the button with the arrow pointing to the left, button that is just above the Enter key), then OK.

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