How to stop a restart or stop undesired

This is surely happened already: it installs new software, clicked too quickly, and one realizes that the program restarts your PC to complete its installation!

Generally, this is always in these moments where you lose open documents unsaved, or interesting web pages that it has not had time to mark bookmark…

To avoid this, be aware that it is possible to create a shortcut to prevent last-minute a forced reboot (or a crash), time to record everything that needs to be.

Here is the procedure:

1. Make a right click anywhere on the desktop. Choose new and then shortcut.

2. A window appears. Copy and paste this: shutdown.exe – a, and then click Next.

preventing reboot


3. In the next window, you can rename the shortcut.

4. And then, a shortcut button is created! When occurs a restart or shutdown unwanted computer, double-click on it to immediately stop the process!

NB: It is still not recommended to use it too often: in the long run, the system could suffer as a result of this small annoyance…

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